Oct 24, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
We had an awful experience with a photographer from Sarah Merians. We spent the most on this vendor, knowing how important it would be to have these pictures that would last forever. He did a nice job on the bride/groom pictures, however he failed to capture the event and we have little to no pictures of our guests. He focused in on a few guests and not the important people in our lives. For our reception, we have 10 close up portraits of a girl we had just met that night (guest of a friend) and no pictures of the groom's father or of either parents dancing. My parents have not one picture of their friends/family (3 tables out of our 12). We also have big gaps of time where there were no pictures taken. The photographer was not nice about taking pictures we asked for during the night. I had to drag him over to get the few pictures I now have of my friends and my Mother was only allowed one picture with her parents and he then walked away before she could get a picture with her 85 year old Aunt who had come a long way. The whole thing is just very sad and there is no way to recreate this. The company was also not at all shocked by this, as it seems it must happen to people all the time. I would not recommend anyone take a chance by using this company.
Services used: Photography