Sep 19, 2009

Elle Music & Events
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Be warned: In short, do not do business with Elle Music and Events (dba Elle & Company Inc). Although they are really nice people with aggressive pricing they are a troubled business. In my experience with them they have been unresponsive and slow to respond to emails and phone calls. If I ever did hear back I was given the run-around and was probably lied to. It took them over 6 months to get my refund from them (I think I only got my money back b/c I threatened to take them to small claims court). Also, they are in financial troubles and have laid off the majority of their staff. NOTE: It looks like they got great ratings here at project wedding but take a look at their reviews on They might have been a great vendor in the past but their more recent reviews are starting to look real bad. Now if you want to read the details: We originally booked a band we liked through Elle about a year before our wedding. Six months later we got an urgent email from Elle stating that the relationship between the band we wanted and Elle had dissolved. In short, we would not get the band we wanted. The solution Elle provided was for us to go to a music showcase they hosted to audition various lead singers to configure the band we wanted. So we went to this showcase, picked out a band configuration we liked and moved on. At this music showcase there were about 10+ other clients who also had to pick a new band; one of those clients was my wife's old friend who whose wedding was in two weeks. Because we felt something was up with Elle we called up the old friend a couple weeks after her wedding. She said Elle was a DISASTER. It was a disaster b/c she did not get the band she picked out. It was a complete "bait and switch." She was unhappy with Elle and her efforts to resolve things after the wedding was a long and painful process for her. After our conversation with the disgruntled bride we realized that something was definitely up with Elle. So we wanted to get out of our agreement with them and get the deposit we paid for the band back. We spoke with Brandon and at the time he said he would release us from the agreement and provide us the refund. However, after hearing the horror story we heard from our friend we were not convinced we would get our money back despite the fact they said they would. So we decided to spend our deposit on lighting services from them. The lighting we decided on was about $1500 (our band deposit was $2100) so after the wedding Elle would still owe us $600. So finally our wedding day comes. Elle sets up lighting at the reception on time and one of their guys decides to stay during the entire wedding b/c they were worried about the power overloading and shutting off. Well it's a good thing they stayed because THE POWER DID SHUT OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RECEPTION! Luckily it was only for about a minute or two but really, if one of the techs thought it might be a problem they should have done what was needed to make sure nothing bad did not happen. We were really lucky it did not completely ruin our reception, but nevertheless this should not have happened. Ok moving on... after the wedding I started to contact Elle via phone and email to get my $600 balance refunded. Let's just say getting my money back was not easy. I sent them countless emails and phone calls. During that time Elle ignored me, gave me the run around and probably lied to me in hopes that I would give up in trying to get my money back. It was not until months later when I threatened to take them to small claims court that I started to see the money that was owed to me. Finally after 6 long months I got my money back. In the end, if you are looking for a vendor to handle your very special event you are better off with another vendor. No one else deserves to go through the trouble and hassle I have gone through or risk the possibility that their event might be ruined.
Services used: DJ