Oct 16, 2010

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I was chosen as BOTW. Oh sweet lord, that is such an honor! I honestly don't think there could be a bigger compliment! Thanks, I am so happy! 


BOTW can a bride wish for more photo 1


BOTW can a bride wish for more photo 2

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Because it takes ages to upload pics to PW, I just insert my favorites here. If you want to see more, follow the link at the bottom to an online gallery. :)

* at the hair salon with two of my best girlfriends, saying hi to the super cute dog.


* back at home, my mum is putting false lashes on me

* my sweet mum holding the balloons for the table centerpieces. Btw: I loved the balloons so much!

* love the two-mirrors-effect of the pic

* I really like this two pics of me. Piece of advise: Get a good photog.

* I think this pic is hilarious! :))))) Can you tell my hairspray smells bad?

* pics of our first look. Btw: My lipstick was kissproof. Fabulous stuff!

* my mum fixing my bustle - for the first time.

* the cottage where we got married, it was beautiful!

* married! The second before our first kiss as husband and wife.

* this was such a lovely surprise! Earlier, it was a tradition to seal contracts with a schnapps. So because we got married at an old farm estate, they brought us spoons and poured out some plain schnapps for us to "validate" the marriage. Fun! (Note the hands of the girls...) On the second pic we get a second round. :)

* our tables

* one of my favorite gifts. My maid of honor had all guests bring recipes to the wedding. She put them in an album and now we have our very own personal cook book. Love!

* my sweet little cousin wanted us to open her present for us at the wedding. So we did. On this pic we say thank you to her.

* by little brother making a cool dancing move. :)

* my cousin caught one of the mini bouquets

* we had fireworks as a topper on our wedding cake. Wow!


Click for for more pics:

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The day before the wedding was dedicated to *relaxation*. For me, that is. Malte went home to spend the last night at his parent’s house to make our apartment a men-free zone. I truly appreciated it and I took it as an early wedding present, because I had a blast while he had to deal with his family. Lol, poor guy! Thanks, darling, I love you for doing this!

Around 2pm I picked up my maid of honor, my witness of marriage, at the train station. She helped me pick out false lashes. My other 3 girls arrived a while later. We had tea and muffins and a lot of fun until it was time to go to the hammam. I had told them, I was taking them to a spa but I also had booked a *massage* for each of us as a thank you for them. They were so surprised! Yay! The spa center was very beautiful and we had such a great time in the sauna and at the hammam. Finally, I realized that the wedding was here. It helped me to enjoy the anticipation. The heat and the massage relaxed my body, the chatter of my girls relaxed my mind. I strongly recommend to make some time to do whatever you enjoy most on the day before your wedding. Don’t stress with projects anymore, try to be done. I will cherish this time with my girls as a wedding memory forever!

We spent the evening cooking and painting nails. At midnight, it was my birthday. I got presents and I got a surprise cake. Yay! We went to sleep around 1 am. I lay in bed totally annoyed because I was sure, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but actually I must have fallen asleep quite quickly. LOL!


The next morning, my mum brought me a birthday cake and all 6 of us had a huge breakfast. No, correction, 5 of us had a huge breakfast – I couldn’t eat. It looked good, but my stomach felt queasy. Piece of advice: Don’t try this at home. Eat! I know it’s hard. I couldn’t. But you have to try!! Instead, I drank tea with milk and sugar to get some energy into my system. Anyhow, it was nice to have them all around me. :)) Afterwards, I explained to my mum and 2 of my friends, whose job it was to go to the venue early and decorate, how I wanted everything to look. My aunt and uncle came by and dropped of my bouquet. I was thrilled to find that it succeeded my expectations! My aunt and her florist had chosen dahlias, roses and hydrangeas in a deep deep red. So freaggin' beautiful!!! Then, it was *hair time*. Two of my girls and I went to the hair salon where we met my photographer and the cute dog of the salon owner. :) After cuddling the dog, we got started. I had emailed pictures of what I liked before. My hair dresser did an amazing job. She totally got what I wanted. It was super funny to watch her super concentrated face in the mirror! LOL! My girls looked so beautiful, too. We had the salon all to ourselves, and we had a good time. Except for one thing: I had hairspray in my eyes, in my nose, in my mouth. Oh so gross!! She must have used a whole bottle. Probably, I had hairsprayin my ears too, but there it didn't bother me as much.

Back home, everything had gone to chaos. Everyone had to get ready, so half-dressed girls were running around putting make up on and looking for shoes. I loved it! :D We had a break to eat some birthday cake and have a glass of bubbles to calm the nerves. :))) I was able to eat and drink, which made me feel better. (Really: Try to eat something.) Then, back to chaos! I started doing my make up, ignoring the orders my Mum was yelling at everyone, the questions people kept asking or my ringing phone. I tried to fade everything out and concentrate on my make up only, one brush stroke at a time. Finally, everyone except for one of my bffs, Nadja, and our photog were off to the venue and we had a very silent apartment all to ourselves. Nice! Nadja helped me to get dressed. It was such a great moment to finally put my outfit on and see everything come together. We had to giggle when Nadja closed all the buttons of my dress – she made jokes about buttons ruining the wedding night, because Malte would never be able to open these. (Spoiler: He was quite fast at it. Lol!) On the way to the car, we met our neighbor, a lovely elderly lady, who greeted me very politely with a very confused look. It was so funny! Some days later she brought us flowers, so cute!


Our first look was not very spectacular, to be honest. He just got out of the car and I had no patience to hide or anything and just ran straight into his arms. We were very lucky with the weather – it was a beautiful golden autumn day. The sun was already very low at 5pm, but the light was perfect for pictures! We took some bridals and then I hid in the car. Two of my friends and Malte’s sister accompanied me. We watched the guests arrive, chat and disappear into the location. My in-laws were 10 minutes late... but it didn't really bother me. I didn't expect anything else. 


The ceremony was so amazing. I am most grateful for these wonderful moments, it’s one of my favorite wedding memories. Our music worked so well. We had the Pachelbel's canon fade into Elton John "Going to the chapel" - perfect combo of romantic and fun. :)) First, people cried, then, people laughed (including me)! I can't say enough good things about the woman who married us and her speech. It was smart and funny, very personal and touching, interesting and well-performed. She told the story of how we met, how our relationship grew and how Malte proposed. She said the sweetest things about marriage and about being a couple. I am over the moon that someone filmed parts of it and I get to hear it again! When she had declared us husband and wife (Eeeeekk! Still find this exciting!), she asked Malte: Do I have to tell you what to do now? Funny! (He got it and kissed me.)


On the way to our restaurant, we found out that due to a festival some streets were blocked so our directions didn’t work. Great! Oh well, everyone found it. We started with a delay, but we didn’t care.

When I entered the restaurant, I was amazed! It looked so beautiful, better than I had ever dreamed! :)) It was just right, exactly what we wanted. Another of my favorite wedding memories: Realizing that I loved it, looking at Malte and seeing the same in his eyes.

Everyone had a drink, than we sat down to have dinner. Malte and I gave a welcome speech in which we addressed each guest (or couple) individually saying a fun fact about then to give people something to talk about. Many of your guests didn’t know each other so we thought it might help. The food was delicious!! We got so many compliments on it, the chefs did a great job.

Between the courses, we got presents: my maid of honor had asked each guest to bring a recipe for us and she put them all into an album, making a personalized cook book for us. Definitely one of my favorite presents, so personal and such a sweet memory!! Malte’s sister had send blank memory game cards out to the guests and they had personalized them with pictures and other things. So now we have our very own memory card game. Love it! My mum brought a canvas, an easel and paint. A friend of mine started out with our names, our wedding date and a vase. Everyone could add flowers and other details to the painting and now we have a super cool painting. Such a sweet surprise!! We got many more presents but the others were just put on the gift table and we opened (and cataloged) them the next day.

After dinner, my dad gave a speech and we had our father-daughter-dance to “Que sera” by Doris Day. I tossed my "fake" bouquet (to the Sex and the city theme) and small bouquets flew everywhere, so each girl could have one. At around 1am, we cut the cake. I honestly can’t remember whose hand was on top. My aunt had made a wonderful Sacher cake. It was delicious!!

We danced and partied on until 4am. It was a perfect night! Yes, people did step on my dress, so my bustle broke – but my mum fixed it with a safety pin. Malte had a short crisis because of group fever (and a beer too much, I daresay), but we stepped outside, had some fresh air and it was fine again quickly. Overall, no biggies. We were lucky to have a wonderful wedding and an awesome party with all the people we love most in the world.


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... gonna get ma-a-arried!! ♥ Going to the chapel of love photo 1

Married! ♥ Going to the chapel of love photo 2♥ Going to the chapel of love photo 3♥ Going to the chapel of love photo 4 Yay! We got married on October 16th, 2010. It feels amazing! There is a ring on my finger... (Still trying to wrap my head around it...)

I have no words - it was so amazing! I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Not only did the love of my life say Yes to me, but our family and friends shared the moment and a great party with us and everything went soo smoothly.

I wouldn't say it was the bestest day of my life, but that is fine. I never expected it to be. It was too exhausting to qualify for that title. But it was definitely one of the happiest, happiest days in my life!! I feel blessed beyond words.


Thanks, PW!! My wedding wouldn't have been what it was without PW. I owe all of you big!




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Today, Fi and I had a DIY marathon! It was so much fun doing all this together. Now I am ready for some Gin Tonic and bed! ;)

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 1 Picturespicturespicturespictures! :)


Some impressions of Johanna being busy.

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 2DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 3DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 4DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 5

I turned this

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 6

into this. The word means "Bride". I ordered the letters, which are iron-on, from a seller from the German Etsy-equivalent.

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 7DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 8

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 9DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 10


Fi turned this not very beautiful picture, we got on a fleamarket for 10 bucks, into out Thank you (which is what "Danke schön" means) sign, which we will take pictures with on our wedding day. DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 11 I love the result! DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 12

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 13

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 14

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 15


These are frames with names of our guests we will put on the tables instead of place cards and a Thank you frame to go on the gift table. Can you tell how much the black paper sparkles? It is gorgeous!! I am crazy about this paper!!

DIY bride shirt Thank you painting photo 17



Frames in action

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Ok, this is something I muse about for so long I can't even tell. Do I want to cut my hair short? The answer is always the same: I think I do, but I am too afraid.

When Katie Holmes got her amazing bob, I was about to throw the magazine away and run to the salon. But I didn't. This is driving me nuts and I think, I have to get a chop to be able to stop thinking about it. It gets old...

Problem: I love long hair. I love my hair. It's healthy and thick and I really like updos. I never had short hair, so I have no idea, how my hair looks in short. What if I hate it? It will be looong 3 years until it is long again. What if my face looks fat with short hair? What if my hair looks always messy because it is so wavy? What if I don't feel like me anymore? What to do?

I decided to do it! :) Sometime between the wedding and Christmas.


I'd love something like this.

After wedding chop photo 1


After wedding chop photo 2


Wavy bob. Cute. Not as elegant. But cute.

After wedding chop photo 3


Maybe a long bob would be better...




Did it! :))) Feels great!




Even shorter. I didn't straighten my hair that day, so this is what my new angled bob looks like wavy. Usually, I wear it straight though.

And a happy face because it was such a nice sunny day. :)