Nov 05, 2010

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As I get more pictures, I'll add and do a full recap.  Until then:

Married photo 1

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Elizabeth Arden Red Door at the Westchester did hair and make-up for me, my MOH, two BF/BMs and my amazing mom.  Since there's not a vendor page for them and they did SUCH an amazing job, I decided to dedicate part of my bio to them.  First off, ChrisAnn did an amazing job with my eyebrows and she's such a terrific spirit too boot, I can't imagine going to anyone else.  She is nothing short of awesome.

Amy did my up-do.  It took 2 tries, thanks to my extra-long hair, but she was so fastidious - it was exactly what every bride would want and I got compliments all. night. long.  And it didn't move a bit, despite all of my dancing.  <3  Lisa did amazing jobs with my Mom and MOH's hairstyles.  She was able to replicate two drastically different styles and they both looked fantastic all night.

Kaylyn, the make-up artist saved the day.  I did my trial with Pat several months ago and LOVED her work, only to discover 48 hours before my make-up appointment that she was out on medical leave and hadn't done make-up there in months.&nbs p; Despite making a big deal about wanting Pat to do my make-up with Courtney (the bridal coordinator and my sole complaint about the vendor), no one told me about the staffing change until I had a casual conversation with another staffer.  Kaylyn graciously made room for a last minute trial (which was comped, due to the last minute change-up), worked with me to get the look I wanted and soldiered through scheduling changes due to hair the next morning to do fantastic make-up for us all o n which we were still getting compliments after midnight.

In addition to all of the great work these specific individuals did, the support staff were amazing, accommodating and truly a pleasure to be around.  They made the girly morning at the spa everything I wanted, my bridal party look fantastic and me feel so elegant on my wedding day.  I can't say enough good things about them!  Their prices are competitive for the area and the service incredible.

**Pics to come when I can marshal them from my MOH

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Bridesmaids Gear photo 1Bridesmaids Gear photo 2

A David's Bridal classic and the first of my button bouquets.  I also was thinking about giving them peacock eye fascinators for their hair (which will be up too).  I think it will work, but there may be too much going on.  Thoughts?

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I'm a peacock/button bride.  Our main color is navy blue with accents of ivory, antique gold and a "light olive," as I like to call it.  As far as "vibe" goes, we're shooting for our twist on a night at a jazz club in Paris/Rome in the late 1950s.  And these are elements I want to include:

Inspiration Still under construction photo 1Inspiration Still under construction photo 2

Inspiration Still under construction photo 3Inspiration Still under construction photo 4

Inspiration Still under construction photo 5


>> Stay tuned for more <<

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Despite my intentions to cobble something together, I think it's better on everyone if my FG's mom just has to buy a dress and, at $24, you can't beat this one from

Flower Girl Dress photo 1


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Our e-pic session is in a few weeks and we're doing it in lower Manhattan, near City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, 60 Center Street (the court house featured in Law & Order) and some parks.  I'm SO EXCITED to do Brooklyn Bridge pictures.  These (on greenweddingshoes at simply fuel my excitement. 

E Pic Excitement photo 1