Oct 09, 2010

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We all met at Firestone Grill in Wilmington DE and I had such a great time meeting all of these great ladies! 

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pictures courtesy of pinksanity!

Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 1Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 2Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 3Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 4Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 5Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 6Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 7Philly DE MD GTG 7 11 10 photo 8

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From mypersonalartist.com

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3

Invitations photo 4Ring pouch from artfulbeginnings on etsy.


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I was going to skip the guest book because I figured it was a waste since I would probably just pack it away and also since we were only have 45 guests and maybe only half would sign it.  Well, I found this idea on Mrs.Mac's page and thought it was brilliant and perfect for our fall wedding.  Each guest uses an ink pad and puts their thumbprint on a branch and then signs it. (we will provide handy wipes) FI loves it as well and I found one from etsy seller lovliday.  She is still working on ours so I don't have a picture yet but here is one she advertises:

Guest Book photo 1Guest Book photo 2Guest Book photo 3


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We are getting married in Northern Maryland and will be leaving the reception site and head up to Southern Pennsylvania to stay at a B&B.  I love B&B's and think that they are so romantic.  Here are some pics from the King's Cottage which is about a 45 minute drive.

Honeymoon photo 1Honeymoon photo 2Honeymoon photo 3

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We are having an intimate wedding with close family and friends and are inviting approximately 50 people.  I love the look of the two tier cake and the following pictures are my inspiration.  I have a crystal cake stand that I will be using to give the cake some height like in the first picture!  I still have to give some pictures to my cake designer but she will be doing a yellow cake with buttercream frosting. 


The Cake photo 1



LOVE!!!!!!!!!  I was beyond impressed!


The Cake photo 3

My Arthur Court grape cake server set.  I ordered from thesilvergallery.com

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Real wedding: Ashley and Chris...April Smith Photography

Must Have Pictures photo 1Must Have Pictures photo 2

HolyMolyMatrimony's Louis Palos Photography:

Must Have Pictures photo 3Must Have Pictures photo 4Must Have Pictures photo 5Must Have Pictures photo 6Must Have Pictures photo 7Must Have Pictures photo 8