Nov 15, 2008

Jonilyn Photography
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I am very disappointed in the professionalism that Jonilyn displayed during process of selecting her as our photographer. If you are considering Jonilyn, I encourage you to read our experience below. Our first attempt at a face-to-face failed; she thought we were meeting on Tuesday, when instead it was supposed to be a Monday. She offered us a substantial discount if we still were will to consider her for our wedding. Eventually we rescheduled for a few weeks later when she was back in town. This meeting went well (at least from our perspective), and with the discount, we decided to choose Jonilyn as the photographer for our wedding. Except now we can't get a hold of her! Despite several phone calls and emails, we received no response. During this period we could see that she was actively blogging on her website, so obviously she was around. Obviously she decided that for whatever reason (didnt want to offer the discount, didn't like us during the meeting, etc) that she didn't want to be our photographer. Her method of resolving the situation was to completely ignore us, and lead us on for another week while we waited for a response. As I mentioned in the beginning - extremely unprofessional, and a waste of time for both parties. If you are not interested in being our photographer, a simple "no thanks" email would have been sufficient after our last meeting. The lack of her answering the phone was also very frustrating; perhaps if you choose her as your photographer she will put your number in her phone so that she knows to answer.
Services used: Photography