Jun 24, 2012

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Here is the little church that Mr. Oceansrose and I will be getting married at! I didn't realize it exisited till my FMIL took us there to see it. It's beautiful, rustic, old, and the stain glass is so beautiful. I'm hoping that since we are getting married at 11 am, the sun will be shining through them. There is also a little bell that gets rung after each ceremony so I think its super sweet. This church was a featured wedding here on PW too!

{Church of the Wayfarer}

Venues photo 1


Since we've found out that we are expecting we are now having the ceremony at a smaller (and less $$$) church in Carmel that we've attended for church. It's a little more rustic charm then what I was hoping but it's cute. (The guy in the picture is the charming man who is going to marry us and you can see the church in the back ground!)

Venues photo 2


The little italian resturant that we're holding the reception has a beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean and is only a block away from the church {big bonus for the Mr. and I!} and the food is amazing. Mr. Oceansrose is peruvian and italian so it's a win for him and I love pasta so a even bigger win for me! The views are spectacular and I love how in the main hall the glass windows lining the wall all face the street.

{Il Foraino Balcony}                                             {Il Foraino Main Hall}

Venues photo 3Venues photo 4


We are lucky enough to have family members that are willing to put their lives on the line to serve our country and even more blessed to offer us the benefits of using one of the hall's on a base. This means we are saving $$$ then what we would have spent at Il Foranio. Unfortionatly we do not have pictures of the place but we will by this weekend (fingers crossed!)


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Our beautiful Engagement Photos where taken by the ever so talented Jess Currier (Check out my vendors to see her!). If you can imagine it, the grassy fields we are in are actually right next to a gas station in Carmel, CA. We were trying to go for a "The Notebook" feel to them and I think we got most of it right. Or at least the vintage look to them. <3

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