Aug 21, 2011

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Home Town
Pleasanton, Ca
unemployed/dj and receptionest for my fh business
i graduated hs in 2004 from Del Valle High School in livermore. I went to Massage school in San Jose graduated April 2009
before my car accitdent soccer softball sports in general. now becoming a coach for my daughters team, hanging out with my friends, hanging out with my special needs friend james, djing, spending time with my daughter and my fiance.
Favorite Quote
car pe diem who's to say what is good and what is bad Accept things as they come more will come soon

About Me
Im 24 years old with a 6yr old daughter. I live with my fiance whos the other light of my life and my best friend. I work from home to help with my fiances dj company like answering phone calls, booking gigs, run our photo booth, dj a local bowling alley. But i also try to take care of the house as we are trying to remodel it!!!! Other then that just trying to be a good mom and be a good fiance/ house wife lol. looking to have better people in my life more positive people that are willing to be there for me like i am for them. Im just trying to just go with the flow of life and the things people and situations in it.


How my fiance and i meet:



People say that you'll never find love in the bars! Well we did! He dj's at the club I went to all the time since I was 21. From the first time I laid my eyes on him I knew I had to have him, but for the first year I stayed in the background. I though a guy like that must be takin or was out of my league. One day I just got up the courage and danced with him and the sparks flew the connection was totally there! We talked after the bar closed and he asked if I was going to be there the next weekend and I told him sure. So the next week comes around and I dnt go out and he finds this girl that looked like me from the back and he started calling her by my name. She turned around and he walked away cause it wasn't me. My friend that worked at the bar said that he was asking about me and talking about me all night. So the week after that I went to the bar and when I went to say hi he gave me a big hug and asked "where i was the last week?" We exchanged numbers and texted all night. We hung out after the bar and that was it. Ever since then we have been together! 2 years now and planning our wedding and our lives together!!!! My life cant get any better.