May 21, 2011

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Oh, boy, I hope my flowers look this: rosies, peonies, and magnolias. 

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Logan lived in Maine until he was six. Little did he know when he moved to Indiana, he would live only twenty-one miles from his future wife.

During her first year of college, Emilie's friend Davy would talk about Logan and insist that they know each other since she lives so close to Marion. Emilie told Davy to point out who Logan is the next time he's around. Finally, Davy introduced Emilie to Logan at McConn coffee shop in the spring of two thousand and eight. The rest of the semester, Emilie,  being the freshman that she was, would constantly shut Logan's computer or stop to talk to him in McConn before heading to class. The following summer, Logan and Emilie both worked on campus and shared a few conversations about summer plans and life. 

It wasn't until the fall when Logan was getting coffee with a mutual friend Frank that Emilie stopped by and they talked for a bit. Frank asked Emilie if she knew Logan, and she responded, "Yes, but it's not like we hang out." Logan defended himself by saying he didn't have Emilie's phone number. Emilie gave Logan her number. When she walked off, Frank said, "Watch out. She'll make you fall in love with her. Don't hang out with her." From there, Emilie and Logan started hanging out, made brownies, watched Scrubs, went to soccer games together, and eventually began dating October 25, 2008.

The next day, Emilie went to church with Logan and out to eat with his parents and the Shepherds. Later in the afternoon, Logan joined Emilie for her brother's "Indian" birthday party where he met her parents, grandparents, two brothers and their families. Oh, and he met her sister-in-law's grandma and parents, too.

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In addition to posting on here, I update my blog about wedding ideas, inspirations, and details. Check it out: Midwest Freedom.

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Hello, Indiana!

You are beautiful.

I am so thankful and happy to finally announce the venue Logan and I reserved for our reception: the Kelley Barn in Kokomo, IN. 

It's perfect. The roundbarn is beautiful, and I love everything else on the farm. There's a huge white house for the girls to get ready in and a log cabin for the boys. There's a windmill, horse-shoes, and even an old school-house! I can't wait to get to know more about the owner Mike who was the sweetest man on the phone and so helpful and kind.

I am so, so happy.

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My colors are going to be creams, champagne, and dark-grey (with a little mustard yellow and coral pink).