May 21, 2011

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09~21~11 I got the honor of becoming a member of the pink heart team :) 

Pink Heart Team photo 1

I am just so honored to have been chosen to become a hostess!  I am so excited to get to give back to a community that was my life line during the planning process!

If you have a question or need help I am here! All you have to do is ask and I will do my best to help in any way I can!

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OMG I can't believe I got BOTW!!! I am just so excited and honored!!!

BOTW photo 1


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Wow I honestly can't believe I am finally seeing my name on the "This weeks weddings list"... I remember thinking over 15 months ago its going to be an eternity before I ever get on that list lol well It's here and it honestly flew by!


Sat, May 21 - SpringBride2011
Sat, May 21 - inspiritedbeing
Sat, May 21 - futuremrsg2011 <-------Yay there I am :)~
Sat, May 21 - Fabreezy
Sat, May 21 - its_cheryl
Sat, May 21 - maritter
Sat, May 21 - SpringBrideToBe
Sat, May 21 - hartbride
Sat, May 21 - tbeale88
Sat, May 21 - vlmeade
Sat, May 21 - pandabea7

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If you have used an idea or photo of mine, please credit me and provide a link back to my bio. Once pro pictures/e-pics are posted, please credit my photographer, Jeni Jeppesen.

If I have used an idea/photo of yours, or you know who it belongs to, please let me know and I will provide the necessary credit.

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Flower Girl Dress

I am making both flower girls tutu dresses myself :) Pictures to come when they are done!

GOT one done :)


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The guys will be wearing a Khaki Suit... My FI will wear an Ivory Mossy Oak vest and Mossy Oak tie... The BM will wear black vest and mossy oak tie... They GM will wear fern vest and mossy oak tie... The Ushers will wear Champagne vest and mossy oak tie.... Here is a pic of the suit from Milroy's Tuxedo's...

The Boys photo 9