Oct 16, 2010

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This section is dedicated to all those little details that you forget about until you start making a list and all of a sudden remember "oh yes! I need this!" and "oh! can't forget that!" :P

So, I'll be posting favors, garters, flutes, server sets... all that good stuff here.


It's hard to find a beautiful set that isn't expensive!  After much searching, I found a set here on PW that another bride used for her wedding (sorry! I can't remember who is was!).  It's from Anthropologie and it was only $12 per flute!  Of course it's not crystal, but the quality of the etched engraving is beautiful! And I love the unique design.  I think they will fit into our romantic/vintage theme wonderfully!

All In The Details photo 1All In The Details photo 2

All In The Details photo 3All In The Details photo 4



These are the boxes we purchased.  I'll add a gold ribbon around it and gold monogramed sticker over the front.  We had wanted to order a nice 2" round magnet with our picture then add "Thank You! 10.16.10" to it, but everything else is adding up so quickly!  So we'll probably fill them with pink/gold candy. Oh well, as long as they look pretty!

(the favor box is hidden behind our bird cake toppers in that second pic)

All In The Details photo 5All In The Details photo 6



Well, besides my entire ensemble lol...

Garter is from JLWeddings on Etsy.  I just ordered it today (9/15) and can't wait to see it!  I LOVE IT! 



I purchased the Mindy Weiss "I Do" Rhinestone applique for my shoes :)  Now I just have to find the shoes!

All In The Details photo 7



I have been eying hairflowers for quite sometime and could not decide on one! I finally ordered one from WeeGardens on Etsy and I love it!!!  I'm still a little unsure, only because it seems very bold to me so I want to try it on with my dress and then decide.

All In The Details photo 8All In The Details photo 9



The One from Dolce & Gabbana!!! Love it!

All In The Details photo 10

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This part has been very tricky for me.  I have such a specific color in mind and it's been VERY difficult to find.

I'm going for sort of a peachy/blushy/nuetral pink.  All the swatches I've seen are either super light almost white pink, baby pink, or bright pink. 

I'd like to find a dress that has a very flowy, romantic feel... floor length and we're on a budget. Soooo, these are the contenders so far:

Option 1 (and my fav):

The Maids photo 1


Option 2:

I just LOVED this dress from Bill Levkoff!  Unfortunately, the charmeuse sash did not come in the Petal Pink.  It would've had to be a two-toned dress, and that's something I really didn't want.

(please excuse the dreadful picture! I took it with my phone)

The Maids photo 2The Maids photo 3 <---- the beautiful mushroom top!  waah!  I freakin loved this dress!


Option 3:

My two sisters (bridesmaids), my mom, AND the saleswoman all loved this dress the best.  I loved it too, but it wasn't exactly the look I was going for.  Plus the color pink this one came in was really PINK.. if you know what I mean.

(again, sorry for the horribly quality... stupid camera phones)

The Maids photo 4

UPDATE (05/28/10):

After trying to find another dress in the style of #1 but in a more nude color, I FINALLY chose to go with the first one! In the end, it was my favorite style and the closest color I could find.  Plus it was the best price... can't argue with that!  The only dilema we now have is that I have waited forever to order!  The dresses will be ordered this week but the manufacturer won't be ready to send them until 08/27/10, which means they won't get here til the first or second week in September.  Eeks!!  I'm considering adding a rush (since the dresses were such a low price anyway) just to be safe.


And here was inspiration pic that I liked because of the color:

The Maids photo 5

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                We're Married!!!  Our wedding was on October 16, 2010 and it was the best day of my life!!! 

                                           I love being married to my husband!!!

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The inspiration for the wedding is blush and taupe tones with gold accents.  I'm going very classic and romantic, with a touch of vintage.  We will be using a bird theme throughout the wedding.  I'll post an inspiration board as soon as I make one.

Inspiration photo 1Inspiration photo 2

Inspiration photo 3Inspiration photo 4Inspiration photo 5Inspiration photo 6



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I went dress shopping with my future sister-in-law the day after Thanksgiving and was SO not expecting to find my dream dress. This was just supposed to give me an idea of what I liked, and I planned to do "serious" shopping with my mom and sister (MOH).  Well low and behold... I found "THE ONE"!!!  After trying on a few goreous dresses, the minute I put this dress on I got the chills and started tearing up.  I could envision the whole wedding around me, esp walking down the isle towards K. 

I am a hopeless romantic, so the lace really spoke to me.  I love the scalloped edging and the fringe detail that comes up over the bodice and is repeated at the bottom.

The designer is La Sposa.  I have to say that I am getting a little freaked out because of the alterations.  This dress is actually a v-neck, but I have the straps tucked in.  The owner of the store said we can easily remake the top into a strapless, but at the time I didn't even think to ask about the cost.  Oh well, guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4


3/6 Update:  I finally went dress shopping with my mom and sister last weekend... but all that did was reconfirm how my I love my dress!  There was a very close contender,  but in the end I couldn't part with my beauty! 


9/22 Update:  So after trying on my two layer, standard fullness, pencil edge, cathedral length veil a million times.. I could not talk myself into it even though it was free.  So after spending so many hours looking for the exact right veil... I finally fell in love with a raw edge, DROP VEIL!!! I love how soft and sheer they look!  I almost ordered one from Occansey Designs.. the lady was a DREAM to work with, so sweet!  But in the end I found exactly what I was looking for on ETSY!  This is my third etsy purchase and I couldn't be happier!  Here she is:


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We got engaged on May 29, 2009.  This is how he proposed.

K called me at work that Friday and our coversation when something like this...

Him:  "Don't forget about your appointment tonight"

Me: "What appointment?"

Him: "Oh, I didn't tell you?  You have a 90 minute full-body massage at your favorite spa tonight at 5."

Me: "Are you kidding?!  OMG!!! Ok, ok, ok... um, what time?"

At that point I knew what was coming (we had picked out the ring about 2 months before).

So after my super-awesome massage, I was getting my nails done when the girl from the front desk says (with an ear-to-ear grin) "When you're done here, you have a surprise waiting for you in the dressing room!" 

Myself and about half the staff (I filled them in on what I *thought* was going to happen that night) ran to the dressing room and one of them pulled back a curtain... where there was a dress bag hanging up from White House Black Market with a little note attached.  The note said "Choose the one that you like best, the other will go back with the rest.  Please be ready by 7:00, for a romantic dinner at DiJons"  And this is how cute my guy is... he even remembered to pack my make-up, unmentionables, and all my black shoes!  I was feeling lightheaded! My hair was still oily and wrapped in a towel and I almost started getting dressed like that!  I was so beyond excited!

So after showering, blowdrying, etc., I walk out to the lobby to see K standing there, clean-shaven and dressed to the nines, waiting to take me to dinner.  It was sunset and the restaurant was on the beach, so we walked on the boardwalk, took a few pics, and headed back for dinner.  And omg, was the food amazing!  Chillian Seabass, lobster bisque, lamb chops...yummy!

After dinner, K says he has another surprise.  He takes me to this private beach where he used to give me surf lessons the first summer we met.  We walk hand in hand to the water, and he says he has another surprise.  He put his hand in his pocket... and pulls out his Blackberry!  He played this amazing song with the most sentimental lyrics, and I just hugged him and cried.  When it was done playing, he said... I have just one more surprise, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  To which I replied "yes yes yes yes yes!!!"

I tell him that I can't wait to see my family, and can we please stop by.  He tells me that my whole family is already together, waiting for us to arrive. He thought of everything!

K had done a ton of behind the scenes work to make the proposal magical, and I loved hearing about all he crazy things he did to make it special.  He had even taken that Friday off from work, just so he could meet up with my then-preggers sister at the mall (with her one year old, mind you) to help him pick out the dresses!

The Proposal photo 1 The Proposal photo 3The Proposal photo 4 The Proposal photo 6