Oct 16, 2010

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We've finally been blogged!  It took nearly 10 weeks but I have to say.. it was TOTALLY worth the wait!  Can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

                          CREDIT:  Gregory Paul Photography (aka wedding photog extraordinaire!)

Pro Pic Teasers photo 1 Pro Pic Teasers photo 2

          Pro Pic Teasers photo 3 Pro Pic Teasers photo 4

          Pro Pic Teasers photo 5 Pro Pic Teasers photo 6

Pro Pic Teasers photo 7 Pro Pic Teasers photo 8

Pro Pic Teasers photo 9 Pro Pic Teasers photo 11 


           Pro Pic Teasers photo 13


          Pro Pic Teasers photo 14 Pro Pic Teasers photo 15

          Pro Pic Teasers photo 16 Pro Pic Teasers photo 17

          Pro Pic Teasers photo 18 Pro Pic Teasers photo 19

          Pro Pic Teasers photo 20 Pro Pic Teasers photo 21

Pro Pic Teasers photo 22 Pro Pic Teasers photo 23 

Pro Pic Teasers photo 24 

         Pro Pic Teasers photo 25 Pro Pic Teasers photo 26




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            What a beautiful day!!!  I'll do a full recap eventually.. but here are a few pics for now!

                                         Non Pro Pics photo 1    

Non Pro Pics photo 2   Non Pro Pics photo 3

             Non Pro Pics photo 4  Non Pro Pics photo 5

Non Pro Pics photo 6  Non Pro Pics photo 7

Non Pro Pics photo 1  Non Pro Pics photo 2

Non Pro Pics photo 3  Non Pro Pics photo 4

Non Pro Pics photo 5  Non Pro Pics photo 6

Non Pro Pics photo 8  Non Pro Pics photo 9

                                            Non Pro Pics photo 7

Non Pro Pics photo 8  Non Pro Pics photo 9




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This has been one of the hardest parts of planning!  But with about a month to go, here's what we decided on so far:


Prelude: Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Processional: Bach - Air on the G String

Bride: Pachelbel's Canon in D

Unity Candle Ceremony: The Prayer

Recessional:  All You Need Is Love (Beatles)

Cocktail Hour

Smooth Jazz (Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, Ingred Michaelson)


Bridal Party Entrance:

Bride + Groom Entrance: Lucky (Jason Mraz)

First Dance: You and I (Michael Buble)

Dinner songs: similar to cocktail hour

Father/Daughter Dance: What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Stepdad/Daughter Dance: The Way You Look Tonight (Michael Buble)

Mother/Son Dance: You Are My Child (Barry Manilow)

Cake cutting: LOVE (Nat King Cole)

Bouquet toss: Single Ladies (Beyonce)

Garter toss: I Believe in Miracles

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My bridal shower was more than I ever could've hoped for!  My mom and sister went all out!  They planned the whole thing and didn't tell me any details except for the date (so I could pick out an outfit of course!)  It was at a yacht club and was a beachy theme.  My mom made the cake, which was so beautiful! She even made the little chocolate shells on it!

I am so overwhelmed by the generosity and love surrounding the day!  Out of 200 pics, here are a few :)

My Bridal Shower photo 1 My Bridal Shower photo 2

My Bridal Shower photo 3 My Bridal Shower photo 4

My Bridal Shower photo 5 My Bridal Shower photo 6

My Bridal Shower photo 7 My Bridal Shower photo 8

                 My Bridal Shower photo 9 My Bridal Shower photo 10

My Bridal Shower photo 11 My Bridal Shower photo 12

My Bridal Shower photo 13 My Bridal Shower photo 14

My Bridal Shower photo 15 My Bridal Shower photo 16

My Bridal Shower photo 17 My Bridal Shower photo 18

My Bridal Shower photo 19 My Bridal Shower photo 20

This was hilareous... my grandma knitted me a Wedding Afghan which was so touching.  So I was SHOCKED when the next gift I got from her was lingerie!  My expression here says it all!

My Bridal Shower photo 21 My Bridal Shower photo 22

My Bridal Shower photo 23 My Bridal Shower photo 24

My two sisters and cousin, who are bridesmaids.  And my beautiful mama!

My Bridal Shower photo 25 My Bridal Shower photo 26

Crowning me! lol

                  My Bridal Shower photo 27 My Bridal Shower photo 28

And at the end of the shower, my honey came to pick me up and load up the truck!  He even dressed up for a little photo-op! How cute is he!

My Bridal Shower photo 29 My Bridal Shower photo 30




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This little project is going to be a real labor of love.  I've always enjoyed flipping through old photos and learning about my family history.  So I thought it would be really cool to frame old wedding photos of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (basically as far back as we can go) and display them at our reception.  Here's a few I have scanned in so far.  I just need to print them and find some antique-y looking gold frames.

My maternal grandparents (11/18/56):

Family History photo 1


Family History photo 2Family History photo 3

Family History photo 4Family History photo 5

Family History photo 6Family History photo 7

Family History photo 8


My maternal great-grandparents (taken sometime in the 1920's):

Family History photo 9

My paternal grandparents (taken in 1955, and still happily married):


Family History photo 10

My paternal great-grandparents (taken in 1930):

Family History photo 11


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We purchased our wedding bands!  Here they are!!


With This Ring photo 1


With This Ring photo 2With This Ring photo 3

Together :)

With This Ring photo 4With This Ring photo 5