Oct 22, 2010

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I will be having a recap soon.. just have so much  going on... :)

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I went to my first fitting yesterday. I have been exercising and have lost a lot of inches only like 10 pounds though. So my dress was way too big. They are going to have to take it in a lot. Luckily since she is taking it in she won't have to pull up the hem. Bringing up the hem was going to be like $200 because it has lace applique all over the bottom. Still, the side hem is costing $120 and the bustle another $45 so almost $200 altogether! However, I can't complain. The dress was affordable at $750, the shoes cost me $29 and the veil $85. Just a little over $1000 for the total package. I'll see if I can post pictures soon. I am happy with the overall fit of the dress but I need to hit the gym and tone alot! I can't lose more weight because I don't want to pay for another side seam but I do need to tone my arms and back more. Aah!! Less than 30 days left!

My first fitting photo 1My first fitting photo 2

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So, I finally found my shoes today. I had been searching everywhere for deep purple shoes. I couldn't really find anything I liked so I anticipated having to wear silver. But walking in the mall today, I found these beauties at windsor. They are not like anything I was looking for but they look awesome on. I may change the rhinestone embellishment because I may go with gold accessories.

The winner:

Shoes photo 1

The losers:

My feet were too wide for the first pair and they were really expensive. The second pair just wasn't right.

Shoes photo 2Shoes photo 3



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So, NOW I've decided that I am going to go all white on the floral. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have a "white wedding" but I've been looking at so many pics of white weddings and it is so beautiful! Here are some of my inspirations.

The first is an arrangement that was done by a local flower shop in Houston. I loved it so I booked them. Probably half the tables will look like this. And I will also have the gold votive holders and roses on the napkins.Centerpiece Inspiration photo 1

The other half of the tables will look like a centerpiece that inspired me from Tracy and Steve's Real Wedding here on PW. I will probably have just clear votives surrounding the centerpieces. However, I will be stacking two old looking books and placing a picture frame of us on top of the books to give it a vintage feel. Kinda like the picture I posted but with picture frames instead of mugs.

Centerpiece Inspiration photo 2

I have to definitely thank my PW gals because I was able to find great deals on both the candles for the event and the cylinder vases. I got a great deal at Hobby Lobby for vases that look just like the ones in the picture. 50% off they were only $17!!

Candles purchased from Cylinder vases from and also


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We are getting married at a beautiful Spanish inspired venue named Agave Road. FI and I chose it because it was rustic, romantic and comfortable. We didn't want our family, many of which come from humble backgrounds, to feel out of place.


  • 30 acre wild life sanctuary
  • Hand crafted doors
  • Romantic lighting in the exterior
  • stone fireplace

The Venue photo 1The Venue photo 2The Venue photo 3

My idea for the ceremony is to flank both sides of the fireplace with lantern stands like in this picture. I would also have lanterns down the aisle. What do you think?

The Venue photo 4The Venue photo 5

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Ok, so I changed my colors from brown and pink to purple green and brown. My girls will be wearing Eden Maids BM dresses in amethyst in whatever style they like.

The groomsmen will be wearing light gray suits. And the groom will be wearing dark gray.

We've decided to have a cookie bar. I'm so excited.

New Ideas photo 1New Ideas photo 2New Ideas photo 3