Jul 05, 2011

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Hi All!

I am Jen - I was raised in Wisconsin, but was born and now live in Alaska, I am getting married on July 5, 2011 at Olowalu Plantation in Lahaina, Maui!  I can't wait!  I don't have much to post about since I just got engaged, but I am excited to get things rolling! 

When We Met....

Jen Clayton photo 1

Jen Clayton photo 2

This is me and my fiance when we had just met!  My brother and his sister are married, so we met to walk down the aisle together at their wedding.  Love it, he looks like a baby!  8-12-01


getting married in days

I will be setting the rest of my pages to 'Friends Only', please request if you would like to join me as I plan our wedding!

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