Jun 26, 2010

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We are going to Alicante in Spain

The honeymoon photo 1

It is a gift from my parents and I can't wait to go. We've both worked really hard this spring, and deserve some serious relaxing.


This is the house we've booked

The honeymoon photo 2


The honeymoon photo 3

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FI will be wearing a black Tiger Of Sweden tux, but with a white bow tie

The tux photo 1

 The tux photo 2

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My ring photo 1


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Burberry Brit

The wedding day scent photo 1

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Last july we were going to Italy on vacation. Just before we left he came and put his computer in the trunk of the car. I asked what he needed it for, since this was a vacation. Well he really needed to check his work mail during the week.

I was so angry, he had never brought it before and he really needed and deserved the time off. I didn't speak a word for an hour (and that's a long time for me ;o) I didn't suspect a thing.

The first night at the hotel we put our daughter to sleep and then went out on the balcony with a cold glas of white wine. It was such a warm and beautiful night. Suddenly in the glow of the candles he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I WAS SHOCKED!!! And then I started crying, I mean really cried. And of course I said yes after 5 minutes of catching my breath.

It was a very romantic, personal and intimate proposal. I'll treasure that evening forever!

He had hidden the ring in his computerbag, and almost confessed back in DK, when I got angry because he brought it on the vacation - wow did I feel bad ;o)

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In the area where we live, there have up until now been only three venues that could host weddings of a certain size.

But we really wanted to make this our wedding, so when we heard this place opened up for weddings we cancelled the first place immediately. Now non of our guests will have attended a wedding at our venue before ours.

The venue the place to party photo 1The venue the place to party photo 2The venue the place to party photo 3It is right down to the water and very bright and modern.

We might have our first dance out on the terrace if the weather allows it.

I think it will look amazing at night time, with hundreds of lights in the trees and lots of flowers.

The venue the place to party photo 4The venue the place to party photo 5The venue the place to party photo 6We are going to cut the cake on the balcony while the groundfloor is prepared for dancing, and the band warms up.