Sep 10, 2011

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This little girl is Dahlia.... Then Lucy...Then Turkish... Then "D" his name is Danvers but we never call him that...

All of our puppies except for Lucy were rescues... I am a huge advocate for rescuing NOT BUYING dogs :) I'm off my soap box now... 

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Tim has been deployed pretty much our whole engagement... Engaged Feb 2nd, deployed Feb 14th... A lot of our wedding planning has been through e-mails, skype chats ad the occasional scribble that arrives three weeks later (usually by that time I have changed my mind ;)) Here are some pics of my handsome FI doing work in Afghanistan...

ArMy LiFe photo 1<--- he would be the short one in the back row  between the two tall guys





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I am a heavy eye nude lip kind of girl... I have always been self conscious of my lower lip being WAY bigger than my top lip, so I am going to go for a really smoldery, sexy, smudgy eye and a neutral glossed lip... something like this...

KiSs MaKe Up photo 1  


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So the hair... I know I want a curly vintage up-do circa 1940. Think Rita Hayworth meets Gwen Stefani.


<--- I am kind of liking Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette too... Ahhh so many choices!!

Sale - - Bridal rhinestone crystal headband----Free Swarovski Rhinestone studs earring Just purchased my headband! I think it is going to look pretty darn good with my dress...

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There are a few things that I have decided I MUST have for the wedding. Really quirky/playful invites and save the dates. I have been in contact with Jenn from the Fussy Designer and she is going to start working on my invites YAY!! I will post pics as soon as I get them! As for the save the dates I have found A MILLION that I love... I want to D.I.Y a few things for the wedding I figured STDs would be a good place to start, so without further ado my inspiration STDs...


Encrypted Save-the-Date How-To

How cool is that? I am pretty excited to get started! I will post pictures once I get them finished. (oh and images/ideas courtesy of 

Getting Started


 So originaly I was going to have someone design my invites but I wasn't quite sure what look I was going for, so I started looking around the net for some inspiration and found some invites I figured I could DIY. I founds these beauties...

 Image courtesy of

So I took to Microsoft Power Point and loosley interpreted what I saw... Here is the finished product!


I used to print the paper products and for the balloonies...

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FI and I finally decided on a theme!!! YAY! We wanted to do something fun and funky that goes with the boldness of our venue. We are going to have elements of a carnival with bright colors, cotton candy, fun foods and silly props for our photo booth.... I will post more details as I find them...

What makes a memorable wedding? I think its the little things... Here are some little details I really really want to see for my big day...


(courtesy of 100layercake)


After being told that some of my decoration choices were "immature" by a local wedding planner I have made it my goal to use as many large round brightly colored ballons in my wedding (much like the photos above.) If you have a decoration vision in mind GO FOR IT! Do not hold back because people around you have an "idea" of what YOUR wedding day should look like.