Sep 10, 2011

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 WiTh ThIs RiNg photo 1 WiTh ThIs RiNg photo 2  WiTh ThIs RiNg photo 4   WiTh ThIs RiNg photo 3

I finally got around to posting some pictures of my ring!! I also put up a picture of our tattoos because they are like an extension of our rings.... He picked it out all by himself and I could not be happier!

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289 front Two Birds Bridesmaid in Australia 289 back 1 Two Birds Bridesmaid in Australia 

I really really love the look of Two Birds Bridesmaids dresses. Since my bridesmaids vary in height and body type I think these are the perfect solution.- After doing some research I loved the idea of a convertible dress but didnt love the price tag that accompanied Two Birds. Our very own Chancesare posted a PSA about Ideeli having similar dress for about 1/4 the price!! So I got the look without breaking the bank! woot woot.

  All of the boys will be doing a little tribute to Johnny Cash. Black shirt and a blck suit, FI will be wearing a platinum tie and his GM will be wearing purple ties. Also the boys got onto and designed their own shoes (FI favorite style.) Here is an example of one...

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There is an awesome organization called Brides Across America. They partner with bridal shops across the nation and give free dresses to fiances of/ active duty military. I fell in love with Blue by Enzoani Chicago it fits like it was made for me! (I will post some fitting pictures later :))

Blue by Enzoani Chicago   92 Blue by Enzoani- Chicago   

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EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 1      EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 2EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 3        EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 4EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 5         EnGaGeMeNt PiCs photo 6

I loved my E-pic session. I was so nervous that they werent going to come out the way I had thought. I hadn't seen Tim in six weeks (Army stuff) and he was getting ready to delploy, so I was a big bundle of nerves. Jenny GG is the most amazing photographer!! I know I keep saying that everywhere I post my pics but she truly was fantastic. She gave us an impromptute tour of Seattle and even made Tim smile a real smile (he's not very good at that when it comes to pictures, he always has a cheesy grin.)   

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So I havent planned much of my wedding yet... I have TONS of ideas but havent really nailed anything down. However when it came to where the wedding and reception would be I knew exactly what I wanted. Its a smaller boutique hotel in the heart of Denver called the Curtis... Here are some pics...


The Curtis - a Doubletree Hotel, Denver, United States of America        The Curtis - a Doubletree Hotel, Denver, United States of America

Anyways you guys get the jist. I love this place because it has a funky atmosphere that fits me and my FI's personalities but its not so crazy that our grandparents are going to ask "what were they thinking?"