Sep 10, 2011

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CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 1 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 2

                      CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 3

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 4 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 5

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 6 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 7

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 8 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 9

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 10 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 11

                                    CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 12                                        CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 13  (This is the part of the night where my mom gave a speech to our Army family... These are the men and women that Tim were deployed with, along with their amazing spouses)

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 14  CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 15

                CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 16

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 17 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 18

                      CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 19

                      CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 20CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 21 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 22

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 23 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 24

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 25 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 26

              CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 27

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 28 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 29

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 30 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 31

                  CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 32

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 33 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 34

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 35 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 36

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 37 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 38

              CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 39

CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 40 CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 41

                  CoCkTaIlS rEcEpTiOn photo 42

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dEtAiLs photo 1 dEtAiLs photo 2 dEtAiLs photo 3

 dEtAiLs photo 4 dEtAiLs photo 5

               dEtAiLs photo 6dEtAiLs photo 7 dEtAiLs photo 8

dEtAiLs photo 9 dEtAiLs photo 10

                  dEtAiLs photo 11

                dEtAiLs photo 12

dEtAiLs photo 13 dEtAiLs photo 14

                  dEtAiLs photo 15

dEtAiLs photo 16 dEtAiLs photo 17

                  dEtAiLs photo 18

 dEtAiLs photo 19 dEtAiLs photo 20

                dEtAiLs photo 21

(This picture is super special, my grandmother had been in poor health and she has always said that she wanted to live to see my wedding. She did, then a week later she passed away. So to get these final images were amazing!)

dEtAiLs photo 22 

dEtAiLs photo 23 dEtAiLs photo 24

                    dEtAiLs photo 25


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Our ceremony was absolutely amazing! Our officiant was one of our really good friends (in the state of Colorado anyone can officiate without getting ordained or a certificate or anything special like that.) He was also deployed last year with DH so that was pretty special. we sat down and told him what elements we wanted to incorporate in the ceremony and he made it all work. I will type it up and post it a bit later for anyone who is looking to write their own ceremony.

CeReMoNy photo 1  CeReMoNy photo 2CeReMoNy photo 3  CeReMoNy photo 4     CeReMoNy photo 5 CeReMoNy photo 6   CeReMoNy photo 7 CeReMoNy photo 8 CeReMoNy photo 9           CeReMoNy photo 10 CeReMoNy photo 11 CeReMoNy photo 12

                     CeReMoNy photo 13

CeReMoNy photo 14 CeReMoNy photo 15

CeReMoNy photo 16 CeReMoNy photo 17

  CeReMoNy photo 18 CeReMoNy photo 19

  CeReMoNy photo 20 CeReMoNy photo 21

                    CeReMoNy photo 22

                         CeReMoNy photo 23CeReMoNy photo 1CeReMoNy photo 2CeReMoNy photo 3CeReMoNy photo 4


Katrell (officiant) entrance- "One Love"- Bob Marley

Parents entrance- "All you Need is Love"- Beatles

Groom/smen entrance- "Bad Company"- Five Finger Death Punch

Bridesmaids entrance- "Four Become One"- Hawthorne Heights

My entrance- "No Matter What"- Papa Roach


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I am so glad that we did the first look, it made my nerves settle way down. It was definitley a lot less emotional than I thought it would be, I thought I was going to do the ugly cry and have to fix my make-up. But surprisingly we were both just excited to get hitched! I also think that Tim coming home from Afghanistan was waaaaay more emotional for us than our first look so we were like old pros ;) For the pics of everyone before the wedding we hung out right around the hotel so no one had to drive around and waste time that way. The Curtis has an awesome bar called "The Corner Office" and the Denver Center for Performing arts is right across the street so we were pretty lucky.

   FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 1 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 2

                     FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 3

        FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 4  FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 5

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 6 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 7

                 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 8

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 9 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 10

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 11FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 12

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 13 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 14 The boys wouldn't stop grabing each others junk.. bless Jenny our photog she was so patient.FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 15 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 16FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 17 FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 18

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 19  FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 20

              FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 21FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 22   FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 23

FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 24  FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 25

                  FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 26

                                          FiRsT lOoK bEfOrE cErEmOnY photo 27 <- I had to put this pic in. I love my brother and we have a goofy/ joking relationship ALL of the time so when we were trying to take formal pictures or photog said we looked like we were at a funeral and to just act natural... This is what she got ;)

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So the morning of the wedding was CHAOS (but in a good way)... This was my fault because I am not a huge minute by minute planner ha ha... All of my girls came to the hotel room we sat around, drank cocktails, laughed, and I got most of my pre wedding jitters out of the way. My mom and MIL were so amazing! They helped get everything together and kept me on time. The boys I think did more drinking than getting ready ;) They had gone out the night before and were still a little hung over. So a little hair of the dog and they were good to go!

     GeTtInG rEaDy photo 1  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 2

    GeTtInG rEaDy photo 3  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 4

GeTtInG rEaDy photo 5 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 6

 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 7 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 8

  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 9  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 10

  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 11 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 12

                      GeTtInG rEaDy photo 13

GeTtInG rEaDy photo 14 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 15

GeTtInG rEaDy photo 16 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 17

GeTtInG rEaDy photo 18 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 19

GeTtInG rEaDy photo 20 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 21

      GeTtInG rEaDy photo 22  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 23

  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 24 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 25

                                         GeTtInG rEaDy photo 26

      GeTtInG rEaDy photo 27 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 28

  GeTtInG rEaDy photo 29 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 30

 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 31 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 32

 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 33 GeTtInG rEaDy photo 34

                    GeTtInG rEaDy photo 35


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I love this idea! Our escort cards are going to be balloons, color coded to suit each guests selected meal. We will have a calligrapher writing each name and table name.



Source This is my lovely garter set, purchased from etsy (secretly addicted to that site.) Yes I know it is the Oakland Raiders, that is FI's fave football team so I figured I would support him :)


ThE DeTaiLs photo 1What does a t-shirt launcher have to do with a wedding you ask? I wondered the same thing... My lovely mom and FI worked up this little scheme that he would wrap the garter around a t-shirt and launch it into the crowd... Fingers crossed he doesn't break anything...

 ThE DeTaiLs photo 2<-- This is the t-shirt we are going to use.