Nov 18, 2011

All About Your Wedding Day
( 2.8 / 5.0 )
First of all I would like to say Candi did an ok on my hair. I liked it but didn't love it. She didn't let me wash my hair the day before or the day of the wedding and I felt my hair was dirty on my wedding day. No bride wants to have that feeling. She said she required that because I said my hair doesn't hold the curls/waves that I required. Also, as almost everyone said before (and I wish I would have read these reviews before) she was LATE. She was one hour and a half late for my hair trial because she took care of 2 more people before me no matter we had an appointment and I got to my appointment 15 minutes in advance. Her doing my hair late caused me to get to my own wedding rehearsal late. When I told her that I had a rehearsal to go and that she was taking care of me late, she dared to say that she wanted to take care of "PAYING" customers first because mine was a free trial. First of all, she offers free trials, that is up to her. If she would have charged me for it, I would have paid it. Second, she charges a price for her work and she never said with time in advance she was going to treat me like that because she considered the trial like a favor.
On my wedding day, she got 45 minutes late (her excuse was that she got lost. When you are responsible, you get out of your house with time in advance in case something happens, plus now I know she usually gets late. Too late for that) wich made me very upset because that caused me to be late on my own wedding and my photographer who went to my home to take pictures of me getting ready and then had to go to the ceremony to take pictures of everyone else, he didn't have time to take pictures of my bridesmaids and I at the bridal suite. Practically, she ruined my bridesmaid pictures because of me being late, there were no pictures.
And last but not least, she didn't do my hair the way I required it. Because of her being late, she said she couldn't do as many curls/waves as the hairdo required. There was not enough time to do that.

The good thing about her, the price was a very good value. I guess you get for what you pay. And at the end, I liked my hairdo.
Services used: Beauty & Health