Apr 28, 2012

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For my bouquet, i love the looks of peonies and anemones. For centerpieces it'll be a mix of carnations and hydrangeas....

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Here's my inner bride

JUST FOR FUN photo 1

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apologize for any photos that i might put up without proper credit given, i'd saved so many photos with lots of inspiration without thinking of saving with credits so please if i put up any of your pics, let me know and i will without fail fix it, thanks again for all your inspiration ladies!!

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Alright ladies, Burrascotch is finally engaged! yep, i'm not sure you guys were aware but i was actually kinda a lady-in-waiting. We've talked about getting married for sometime now and we were engaged without the ring but it finally became offic ial Oct 1st OOP'S yes, Oct 1st, i know it's been a few weeks but i've been busy job hunting and stuff so haven't really had time to be on P-dub.

Unfortunately there really isn't any really romantic story to tell as we already agreed it was going to happen when it did :)

I love my ring, even though i'm not exactly crazy about it as i really didn't have a say in what ring i wanted,on plus side tho, i get to keep this one while i chose another, so i get two E-rings, Yayy....     

 So excited to start planning!! I'm such an indecisive person when it comes to things like these so i know it's going to be a tough road ahead lol!

Speaking of been indecisive, i cant make up my mind on what colors i want :/ I'm torn btw blush pink, ivory and black... plum, orange and ???.... charcoal grey and crimson/deep red. See what i'm saying ladies INDECISIVE!!!!