Dec 04, 2010

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Sunday April 18, 2008 at 230 pm

So FI and I both work nights so we still continue to stay up all night when we are off. Sunday morning at 5 am, I decide to go to bed. It always wakes me when he finally decides to drag into bed...which was 7 am...I always look at the clock too...weird I know. Since we live together, I knew I was getting a ring soon. He and my best friend went ring shopping a week before. He told me before I went to bed that morning that since he couldn't decide on which one that he was going back ring shopping that afternoon and was going to get up at 2 pm. I woke up at 230 pm and was like, "baby, you were supposed to get up at 2 pm to go ring shopping" and he said "i'm going." well i sit up with blurry contact eyes and see this note taped to the back of our bedroom door. I was like what is that?  I couldn't read it and didn't want to get out of bed so I told him to read it to me. He said to just get up and see. So here's the note:

The Proposal photo 1(without my engagement ring on my hand of course)

I was in shock. I had no clue that he had a ring already. We had discussed that I wanted it to already be sized down so I could wear it when he gave it to me. I knew there was no way possible within a week for him to get a ring sized. But I was wrong! It's possible. So FI told me to open the door. I was too nervous and told him no. He asked me to open the door again and I said no again. He told me that nothing was going to jump out at me. So I finally opened the door to this:

The Proposal photo 2

The Proposal photo 3

The Proposal photo 4


75 reasons why he loves me taped to our walls. I was so nervous that I couldn't read them. I had to pee first. So after the nerves calmed down. I started reading them and crying. Then we were both crying and hugging. He said "that's not all" and got down on his knee. He pulled the box out of his pocket. He said "I will always love you. And I want you to marry me!" I said yes and yanked the ring outta the box and put it on. We laughed later b/c he didn't actually ask me in the form of a question. He did then ask me in the form of a question and put the ring on my finger himself. Anyway, I love my ring. He did a great job since I'm pretty picky.

The Proposal photo 5

The Proposal photo 6

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 I am having one matron of honor which is my sister in law Natalie. I have known her for at least 15 years. She has been married to my brother for 4 years. She is the sweetest and awfully crafty.

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 1

I am having a "man of honor", Tim. I have known him for 3 years this year and we have the best laughs together. He is pretty cool for an old guy. lol! He is 13 years older than me...we are a strange pair of best friends!

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 2

I am also having 7 honorary bridesmaids!

Lindsay and Cera, my 2 close friends from nursing school. we have supper club once a month with Alicia, another nursing friend, who is in the picture under this one.

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 3 Me, Lindsay, and Cera

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 4 Alicia and me


Carrie, my other close friend from nursing school. we were both in the same boat...2nd degree, same age, too bossy for our own good! she lives in florida and i miss her

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 5

Lori and Ericka, who I have known for 8 years...they were both in my first! we know way too much about each other

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 6 Lori, Ericka, and me NYE 09

Kasha, who happens to be Tim's daughter. She is like my little sister!

Hey Ladies and Tim photo 7




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So here is the church:

Tranquil United Methodist Church Aberdeen MS

Going to the Chapel photo 1



It's the same church my grandparents got married in 62 years ago. And that is why I have always wanted to get married here. The church was built in the 1800s. All the windows are stained glass. I absolutely love it and can't wait to walk down the aisle!

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Well, I guess I should first say that I don't have a ring yet...we're working on it. LOL!---update I got the ring on April 18, 2010

March 7, 2010

I remember the first time that I ever laid eyes on Barrett and thought who is that weirdo. I had just gotten divorced from my ex of 5 years and moved home at age 24. In MS, jobs are hard to find. So after much searching, I came across a position at a music chain, FYE, for an assistant manager.  I started work in November and on my 2nd night of training, this very strange tall boy(he was only 19 at the time) came blowing into the store with a trenchcoat and grandma sized purple sunglasses on at night. He had wild curly hair and a beard back then too. It wasn't until he was ready to check out that I was informed that he was an employee there too. I was shocked that anyone would hire such a character. So we worked together...and I made friends with another employee, Monica. We started to hang out and decided we would invite Barrett(whom I had grown to accept and see as unique) and Ben to hang out with us. They turned us down many times before Barrett accepted to go along with us and John, another fellow mall employee. That was it...we were "The Club." We hung out together at least 4 nights a week. We did silly things like eat at IHOP every night or go to the park to swing. I really began to get to know Barrett, and realized that he was(still is) such an intelligent and awesome person that I started to like him as more than a friend which was a problem due to A) he was my employee and B) he was trying to date his ex-gf again. We had long in depth conversations about life, music, art, movies, books, and his ex-gf. lol! I couldn't help but like a man who knew so much about the so many things that I didn't know anything about. I knew things he knew nothing about so we always had something to learn from each other. We were and still are the best of friends....loving and learning together. So I never could tell Barrett how I felt and I never thought he had any interest in me. Well, Barrett isn't a big drinker and on the occasion of my best girl friend's wedding, it really told me how he felt in a big way. And we were inseperable from that moment. That was April 16, 2005. If we really wanted to be together then Barrett was going to have to quit FYE and he did 2 months later so we went public with the relationship in June. It was bliss. I had never been in a relationship where I completely trusted a person until him....and we never fought. Well, Barrett was young and my mother told me it would never work out...Moms are always right and it makes me so angry to say it. lol! It was November 17(the worst day of my life so far) and Barrett called me to say that he really just wanted to be friends b/c he was sure that he could never be truly in love with me. I was crushed b/c it was the best relationship I had ever been in. The worst part of it was knowing that I couldn't remain best friends with him. We were as close as I had ever been with anyone. I told him that I did not want to ever talk or see him again b/c it would be too hard. And that was text messages, no phone calls, no emails from either of us EVER.

UNTIL, i came across Barrett on facebook in the fall of 2008. I had been admiring his profile for awhile when I decided to write him and see how he was. I had always loved him and thought of him. I compared every guy I ever dated to one was Barrett. My intention was a little of both hope and curiousity. I knew he was single and my heart missed him. I had been through a rough time with men from May of that year til then. So he was shocked that I wrote him and he responded. We talked through facebook emails once about every 2 weeks for a couple of months. Then I decided to move to his hometown to be closer to my job and told him I was moving...he said we should hang out when I did. I moved on Thurs,Jan 22, 2009 to a house which is 5 minutes from his parents, where he still lived. He called me that Monday and asked me to come over at 1 am...we both work nights so we were normally awake at this hour. I went over and it wasn't like we hadn't seen each other in 4 years. We picked up conversation like we had seen each other the day before. I still felt that same way about him and I didn't know if that was good or bad. So we saw each other on Wednesday and Saturday after that...and have been inseperable again for the 2nd time since. I work 7 days on and 7 days off so it was so hard for the first couple of months of us not seeing each other for extended periods of time. I would always tell him...just don't go home and he always did. Eventually, he stopped going home and we live together now. I can't wait to marry my best friend and bed hog!


We are planning on it being either Dec 4 or Dec 11...gonna see about the venues first before deciding. I made my first purchases yesterday for the wedding. We are having to pay for mostly ourselves since this is my 2nd marriage but Barrett's 1st.


I know that it's going to Black and White with Red accents. We want a candy buffett with color appropriate candy. I want to use white with black center gerbera daisies, white hydrangea, and baby's breath as the flowers. The food will be heavy appetizers. We will be getting married at the church my grandparents got married in 62 years ago. All I have so far is ideas so I better get on it!