Oct 09, 2010

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Signature White Bridal Shower Invitations Dazzling Dress - Front : Eggplant  Bridal Shower Invite sample....

Signature White Thank You Cards Dazzling Dress - Front : Eggplant With matching Thank you card...

Paper photo 1  Paper photo 2

So, Fi and I decided that invitations wasn't something we needed to splurge on.  Using Michael's 40% coupons we were able to purchase 160 invitations for Just a little over $100.00.  I might embellish them with some purple cardstock or some jewels or something but I just can't justify spending hundreds of dollars for the invites.

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We've had a blast...

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Countdown to Our Big Day photo 1


I had to make a lot of things friends only.  As it's getting closer I run the risk of Fi finding my pics.  If you want to see more, just send me a friend request.  I will accept all active PW brides! 

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Cake Inspiration photo 1Cake Inspiration photo 2 

This is the inspiration for our cake which will be made by Portos Bakery.

Ours will be 4 tiers with eggplant colored ribbon.  The roses will be a light lavender and the blooms will be white.  This manzanita tree matches the cake and will decorate the cake table.  

Flavors:  The bottom layer will be a mocha cake with a liquor & vanilla custard.  The top layers will be a Cuban yellow cake with brandy and dulce de leche & vanilla custard filling.  MMMMMMM


Cake Stand Inspiration

Cake Inspiration photo 3           Cake Inspiration photo 4 

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Maxine Cake Serving Set

Maxine Cake Serving Set from Potterybarn!

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My Babies photo 1My Babies photo 2

These 2 don't have much to do with the wedding but I love them just the same...They will be going to doggy day care the day of the wedding.  No cake for them...:(