Oct 09, 2010

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Bridesmaids photo 1                        Bridesmaids photo 2

Jasmine Bridal B2078 in Boysenberry                          Bridesmaid Jewels made by blustarfruit!


Bridesmaids photo 3

 This necklace was made by blustarfruit!  I was so happy with this necklace.  This is what my bridesmaids will wear along with the matching earrings!



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 Matron of Honor photo 1

My sister is my Maid of Honor.  She will wear this dress by Wtoo in Plum.  She looked beautiful!  It was very flattering and we both knew that it was a perfect dress for her to wear.


Matron of Honor photo 2Matron of Honor photo 3

So these are the earrings I like for my MOH (sister).  They are from Nordstrom and very expensive because they are real Amethyst, Sterling Silver, and Marcasite.  I'm hoping to find someone who can duplicate something similar for me with crystals instead.  Any volunteers? 

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Priscilla of Boston Gown



My Dress photo 1My Dress photo 2


 My Dress photo 3 My Dress photo 4

My Dress photo 5

This is an English Net strapless slim gown adorned with hand appliqued and beaded Alencon Lace and trimmed with crystal encrusted Lace banding in Ivory.  Top 2 photos taken from Priscilla of Boston website.  The bottom 3 pics aren't so good but I wanted to show the detail of the beading.  I love the crystal buttons in the back.

First Fitting with Janet Brunton

My Dress photo 6   My Dress photo 7

Classic/Traditional Bustle                              French Bustle

Update...I'm pretty sure I'm going with the French Bustle!

My Dress photo 8

1st Pic of me in my dress...Please excuse the hair!


My Dress photo 9My Dress photo 10

Just added this bolero by Rohm from Etsy!

My Veil

My Dress photo 11

This isn't the best picture but this is my beautiful cathedral length veil made by Candi Merle.  It is ivory tulle with alencon lace starting from the fingertips all the way around the edge.  I didn't want a full mantilla because the dress is so detailed that I didn't want the lace to take away from the top part of the gown.  Candi matched my dress perfectly.  I absolutely love it and she was such a joy to work with.

My Shoes:  Kora by Nina

My Dress photo 12

Purchased at 

Salsera Dance Shoes from Very Fine Shoes

My Dress photo 13


I Do Bling from Mindy Weiss

My Dress photo 14

My Garter

My Dress photo 15

Fi's aunt made this for me.  I love it!

Dollar Dance Purse

My Dress photo 16

Fi's aunt also made me a matching purse for my dollar dance.  I don't want people pinning money on my gown!

 Custom Made Handkerchiefs by Irishandmore on Etsy

Embroidered Handkerchiefs with Lace 
Embroidered Handkerchiefs with Lace
Embroidered Handkerchiefs with Lace 
These are custom made handkerchiefs made from the lace from my mother's wedding veil.  I can't wait to receive them!
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Our Reception Site photo 1Our Reception Site photo 2Our Reception Site photo 3 Our Reception Site photo 4

Our Reception Site photo 5  Our Reception Site photo 6

Our Reception Site photo 7 Our Reception Site photo 8

Our Reception Site photo 9 Our Reception Site photo 10

 Photo 11 of Calamigos Equestrian

Calamigos at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center

The Polo Room

First 3 Photos taken from Los Angeles Equestrian Center website.  I think the room is beautiful even without decorations!

Can I just say...I LOVE my venue.  Every time we visit I'm amazed at how beautiful it is!

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Our Ceremony photo 1Our Ceremony photo 2Our Ceremony photo 3Our Ceremony photo 4

Our Ceremony photo 5

Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral

Photos taken from Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral website