Jul 17, 2010

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Hey y'all! I'm on an extended sabbatical from PW. I'm done planning Brin's wedding, and don't have one of my own to plan... yet! Must find the right guy first ;)


Until then, happy planning everyone!




ps:Thanks to the girls that have sent me some love- I really appreciate it :)

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I love my photog. No seriously. We talk at least a few times a week...and I cannot wait to have a date so I can have her. I will rearrange my date to fit her, I love her that much.

First the important details: Kara Schultz Photography ~ her site [Go check her out and book your wedding too!*]

Let me introduce you to Kara...

i love my photog photo 1

Meet Kara, and her awesome husband of almost 3 (!!!) years, David.


And meet the other two loves of Kara's life...

i love my photog photo 2

her super fancy Nikon!

i love my photog photo 3

and one of the two cutest dogs EVAR, Isabelle! (the other being my pup Damon!)


Oh... You want to see some of her work? Here are a few of my favorite shots!

i love my photog photo 4

snow angels in a WEDDING DRESS!

i love my photog photo 5

i love my photog photo 6


I'm so excited.


Dear Kara (if you're reading this)-

I PPH YOU!!!!!!




*: unless you have the date that I'll end up wanting. If that's the case, we're going to end up in a fistfight :D

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I've got a few things picked out already- one is my invitations vendor. 

I cannot say enough about how much i LOVE her. Tifany at Gourmet Invitations rocks my world.


All I know is I want black and white letterpress. I'll leave it up to her genius and I know it will beyond my wildest dreams.


Some examples of her work:

the best part PAPER photo 1the best part PAPER photo 2

the best part PAPER photo 3the best part PAPER photo 4