Aug 14, 2010

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I wrote a recap on this in my section "I now pronounce you..." but I wanted to separate the pics! Enjoy!

Crazy Night photo 1

Crazy Night photo 2 Crazy Night photo 3

Crazy Night photo 4 Crazy Night photo 5

Crazy Night photo 6

Crazy Night photo 7

Crazy Night photo 8

Crazy Night photo 9 My AMAZING sister and MOH

Crazy Night photo 10 Crazy Night photo 11 

Crazy Night photo 12 Crazy Night photo 13    

Crazy Night photo 14

LMAO Pics!!

Crazy Night photo 15 Crazy Night photo 16

Crazy Night photo 17 Crazy Night photo 18

Crazy Night photo 19 Crazy Night photo 20

Crazy Night photo 21
This guy would not leave my girl alone!! LOL!!!

Classic PDub double fistin'...
Crazy Night photo 22


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MR AND MRS. GOBINA!! We're finally married. The day couldn't have gone more perfect. There were a few things we could have done without but overall, the day was amazing (check out my mini-recap here)! Any day that starts with breakfast in bed is bound to be amazing!! I can't remember most of the day though! It went by soooooooooo fast! I'll do my best to remember and recap heavy here.

So Friday before the wedding, we woke up and went straight to the mall. I think we (me and my MOH) went to the Galleria every day that week. I was sooooo lucky that she came from Dallas and was able to stay with me until the Sunday after the wedding. We went there to have the rings cleaned, wrap gifts (for DH and parents and I had her surprise gift wrapped too), and TRY to find a strapless bra for my dress. No luck on that one. Anyway, when we left the mall, we went to do nails. We went to one on I-10 but it was.....bleh. DEFINITELY not what I wanted for my wedding day nail salon. So we left and went to one closer to my aunt's house in Richmond, TX. It was SUCH a nice salon. LOADS of spa chairs, beautiful environment, AND I was treated like a bride should be treated during her wedding weekend. It was so nice.
After we left nails, we got back to my aunt's house, changed, and headed straight for rehearsal. Rehearsal was supposed to be from 4-5pm (we only had ONE HOUR) and EVERYBODY in the bridal party was told this. BE ON TIME. Needless to say, only a couple of people were on time. I was SO irritated. I had to woosah in the corner of the chapel because I was about to snap into 'zilla mode. Anyway, most people showed up eventually and the rehearsal was on. We gave the BP their gifts and everybody put on their shirts we made for them (the girls shirts were a bit tight (except for the super skinny girls) but they were good sports and wore them anyway). BUT! the rehearsal was a little irritating. The Pastor (sweet guy but he seemed kind of confused) was going on and on about what me and Marvin were going to say and when, and he kept saying the same thing over and over and over again. We were standing up there FOREVER. To the point where the bridal party was starting to question why they had to be there and started sitting down and their attention was drawn elsewhere. Anyway, we eventually got to do a walk through. The 3 kids that were there (we had 4 in the bridal party) were okay. My Godson was the one to hold the "Here comes the bride" banner and SURPRISE! On the back said "Last Chance to Run Marvin". So he was supposed to turn it around. He was upset though so it took him a while to even touch the banner. His mom told me the next day that they practiced and practiced back at the hotel. The two girls were fine and the other boy didn't show up. At this point, my stress level was about to blow. So I could no longer care. Anyway, rehearsal was over and we all left. Me and some of my girls went back to my aunt's house so I could pack for the weekend. We then headed to the hotel (The Marriott on I-10, Energy Corridor..highly recommend!) and checked in. We got into our rooms and changed for the rehearsal dinner party. Needless to say, CP time, NEVER on time! So DH's family was supposed to be throwing the rehearsal dinner party. They called me around 6 (it was supposed to start around 7) to say that the place wasn't ready and we should just hold on until they call us. So time passed, we waited, we waited. Around 9pm they said OKAY! Well, our limo for the BaccParty was coming to get us at 10pm. So we got ready, got there, stayed about 20-30 minutes and we left! I felt bad but we had the limo for a set amount of time and it was already sitting outside the place waiting for us. So anyway, on to the BaccParty.  It was so sweet in the limo. My sister got me a sash, tiara with veil, garter with a flask in it, hugh pink ring, and a penissucker! LOL! Pics of that were greatttt. The girls all wore "Team Bride" pins. In the limo, the girls all said something so sweet about me and we toasted to it. I was already buzzing in the limo from the champagne. We went to Drink Houston! My MOH chose this place because she knew I LOVEEEEEEE karaoke, and they had this plus drinking, plus dancing. So it made for a night of fun! We got a table reserved (I kept my sign!) with decorations and everything. It was awesome. We danced the first half of the night and then went to the karaoke side. We signed up and waited. Of course, being bride to be, everybody wanted me to come up and sing with them. So I actually did backup for a lot of people! LOL! So time goes and goes and we keep going back to the DJ who SUCKS!!!!! and asking him when we can go. Can't they let the bride go? And he was like "nope". Ughhh!!! So anyway, he later says that there were two in front of me but once the lights come on, he can't do anything. Whatever, I waited. 2 people went and guess what? The lights came on! I was like, seriously dude? We came here to karaoke and I'm a bride only once in my life and we couldn't go? I was LIVID. So I went up to him and was like "Seriously?" He goes, "I can't do anything once the lights come on, sorry". So I told him he sucked then walked away. I then proceeded to push over the microphone and flip over a book (I was a little...a LOT buzzed. I normally wouldn't do this...) and the stupid sucky DJ said "I hope you get divorced in a week". Now I'm not a small girl. I was extremely angry and tipsy and it took about 4 or 5 of my maids to push me out the door because I had him in my view, and I was on the attack. So I cursed all the way to the limo (which I don't normally curse so you can tell I was a lot tipsy) and got in and promptly passed out. LOL! It was DEFINITELY memorable. 

Wedding day - I woke up (no hangover whatsoever like some would think). I was in an amazingly calm and happy mood. My sister got me breakfast in bed (DH told her to make sure I ate something). So the morning was spent doing DIYs (LOL), writing my vows and cards to DH, and chillin! My mom, aunt and baby came to the hotel so my mom and aunt could get ready and I could see Ethan. The AMAZING MUA came around 10:30 and started my aunt's MU, then my mom. I paid for 2 aunt's but the other one was getting her hair done so I had my cousin (1 of my BM's) get her's done in my aunt's place. Her little sister (my other cousin) wanted hers done so she came to the hotel and got it done. She looked phenomenal and I knew my MU would be out of this world. After seeing everybody's MU, suddenly, all my BM's wanted their MU done (even though they turned it down JUST the day before! Grrr!!!). So now we're behind schedule. The hairstylist (for the BM's) shows up late (due to car issues) and I'm still not stressing too much. I told the girls that day and in the newsletter that once the limo comes at 2:15pm, we're leaving, ready or not. Earlier I called the limo and told them to come at 2:30pm instead. So the girls are still getting ready (5 did their own MU and 2 did their own hair). One of them, my poor cousin, kept having issues! First she couldn't find the brooch I got them. Then she finally found it and it was broken. Like not just replace but it as totally broken. Thank goodness I brought my hot glue gun. Somehow they figured it out. Anyway, everybody was mostly ready but my friend who worried me due to her notorious lateness and confusion was nowhere to be found. Limo was there, I said LET'S GO and I didn't care if she was getting left because I told them several times that I hate lateness. The MUA was in the middle of MU and the hairstylist was in the middle of hair but they knew I was serious when I said we are leaving at 2:30pm (we ended up leaving at 2:33pm but it was close enough). LAST MINUTE my late friend shows up, I mean limo doors are about to close. So everybody is good to go at 2:33pm (we have 1 RB and 1 FG with us and I'm worried about the others but I'm not stressed). Limo ride was relaxing. We get to Briscoe Manor and I actually catch a glimpse of the guys going in from taking pics outside. DH and I were dead set on NOT seeing each other until aisle time so I look away pretty quickly. I didn't see him. Anyway, we get into the bridal suite and the 1 BM who's hair isn't done gets it done (by the hairstylist) then my sister (MOH) starts her MU. WOW is all I could say when she was done. WOW. She starts doing her hair while I start my MU (my hair was done at the hotel by my MUA. She is friggin amazing. Amazing amazing.). During this time, the RB is practicing turning the banner around and the other FG shows up. At some point the other RB shows up with his mom. The bridal suite is CROWDED! My MUA, the girls hairstylist, the photographer, 1 videographer, 8 girls, 2 FGs, 2 RBs, 1 RBs mom, DOC and planner at some points, my mom, aunt, baby. AYE!!! But they all gave me my space which was cool. My mother though. OMG! She was driving me INSANE! I kept saying, get my mother out of here. She was complaining about time (since she thought I was supposed to start walking at 5pm. I was supposed to start walking at 5:30pm...Ughhhh...) My sister got so irritated that she snapped hard at my mom, twice. My mom can be sooooo nitpicky sometimes but I love her! OH! I forgot, my poor cousin who kept having mishaps, her bracelet broke when she was trying to get into the limo. She tried to hide it but I noticed it RIGHT away. So my sister had to give her bracelet to my cousin and thank goodness my other BM had my bracelet that I wore for the Baccparty in her purse. So that's the one my sister wore. THEN she couldn't find her peacock feather for her hair! So my sister had to give hers to my cousin too. Thank goodness my mom was able to bring the peacock feathers from home so I just made my sister a 2 piece large peacock piece for her hair, less than an hour before the wedding. (Come to find out, I never put it in her gift bag. I had to exchange one and it was still in the bag from the store! LOL!) My poor cousin didn't want to tell me because she thought I was going to have a fit. But I calmly handled it all. And everybody looked great. I also had my cousin (the one with all the mishaps) rewrite my vows on small paper so they could fit on the vow cards. STILL doing DIYs while it was almost showtime. Anyway, I had a friend who was supposed to sing me down the aisle. It was going to be a total surprise to my DH. The Trio learned the music but hadn't practiced and was waiting on my friend to get there so they could do a run through. Needless to say, this didn't happen because she is also a notoriously late friend. BIG HUGE SIGH. I just told them to play whatever. This friend was a hostess too so she was supposed to be there early not just to rehearse but also to be a hostess! That's not all. My OTHER friend who was a hostess, we were looking for her. My sis called her at almost 5:30 (when the ceremony was supposed to start even though the invitations said 5) and asked her where she was. She said she was at home getting ready, a good 40 minutes away. I was like, "seriously?" My sister was sooooooo mad. I told her not to worry. So from 3 hostesses, I only had 1 that was there; my cousin. I was irritated. All the hosts were there. Ughhh....ANYWAY! It was time to go. Everybody started to line up. The 2nd RB (the one who didn't show up on time to rehearsal) was sooo mad! He was screaming and crying that he didn't want to go. Come to find out, his dad was stressing the importance of him carrying the rings the day before and the boy asked "but what if I drop them?" And because of that, he was terrified. So I told him that he didn't have to go and he felt MUCH better. I figured it wasn't a big deal because he was only supposed to carry an empty briefcase and I had spiderman glasses for him. So I only had 1 RB walk, and he forgot to turn the sign around! Oh well, 4 year olds. LOL! The girls walked fine. So I was all ready to walk and the doors closed for me. The trio played some random thing but it was still very pretty. I had nothing but a huge smile on my face. My brother escorted me down the aisle to a point. Then my mom took over. The look on DH's face was priceless. I can't even explain it. He was in shock I think. I just kept cheesing like I won the lottery (which in a way I did). Anyway, my mom gave me away and me and DH went up on the stage. I barely remember the ceremony, I just remember we whispered to each other how great each other looked! LOL! We read our vows (which we BOTH wrote THAT morning) and we both cracked up a bit while reading. But we held our composure. It was a short and sweet ceremony, we lit the unity candle, had an amazing kiss, and were pronounced. After the ceremony, we took pros in the chapel then we all went outside (in the sweltering heat. Thank goodness for parasols) and took more pros. Then me, DH and my sis went back into the bridal suite so I could change into my reception dress (which is my first love, my Adorae). (I know my 2 dresses is a surprise to all of you but I wanted some element of surprise when my recap came out). In the room, they had the appetizers that were being served during cocktail hour and some champagne waiting for us. So I got changed into my 2nd dress (my DOC instead of my useless planner was the one helping me with that), changed my necklace, and my MUA freshened up my MU and dusted me with more sparkly powder. I felt and looked AMAZING! All the girls got their clutches (since their bouquets were used as CP's for the head table) and I got mine and we went into the reception hall. Everybody was introduced and walked/danced into a different song. Then enter Mr. and Mrs. Gobina! Camera flashes like CRAZY!!! It felt like paparazzi. I really felt like a celebrity. So we danced for a while then we went straight into our first dance. We danced to "Lady in my life" by Michael Jackson but we did a twist. The song changed to the raw version of "Whatever you like" by TI and we got down (well, I tried. It was hard in my heavy dress! LOL!). That was pretty crunk. We got a lot of compliments on that. You were either like "WHAT!!!!" or you were like "What???" but I didn't care, I loved it. LOL! After that, I danced with DH's dad and he danced with my mom since we both have just one of each parent. The others passed and they were well represented on the memorial table. Anyway, so we went to our gorgeous sweetheart table and dinner was served. We had a synchronized seated dinner so as the waiters came out, they all came out with a covered plate with white gloves on, and placed the plates down at the same time, in sync. It was awesome. We also had a wine service so people didn't have to get up to go to the bar, the wine was poured for them. That was awesome. What wasn't awesome, is that the salad took FOREVER!!! It was like, seriously? Why am I still looking at my empty plate of salad? During dinner, we had SEVERAL people come up to us to take pics and say congrats and such. Poor DH didn't really eat. I shoveled my food in my mouth between guests. I refused to not eat my food. LOL! Also during dinner, we had 3 performances. My friend who was supposed to sing me in AND be a hostess finally showed up and sang a song she wrote for us. It was beautiful but I could tell she was super nervous. After she finished, the next act was my cousins. I only had one request for them, I wanted them to dance to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. AND THEY TORE IT UP!!! OMG! That was one of the highlights of the night and I soooooooooo can't wait for the video on that! It was sooo sooooooo soooooooooooooo amazing! Wow. I still get chills thinking about it. Me and DH were going to learn some of the dance so we could join them towards the end of the song but we didn't. It would have been that much more amazing. The final performance was an African Dance team. Blah. After my cousins' dance, nothing should have followed it. But I thought the African Dance team would be REALLY good but they were very very mediocre. I was not happy writing that check to them. Booooooooo.....Anyway. So after that, we went into cutting the cake, toasts etc. I'm not sure what went where (maybe you can help me on that Deena??) but all that happened at some point during the night. We did the money dance (we made a lot! Not like $10k or anything but we made a lot and didn't have to use our own money during the HM and still had some money dance money left when we got back!). We also had some little drama (refer to my mini-recap) but we didn't know about the guest getting thrown out or the uninvited guests waiting at the door til WELL after the wedding. So the night went on, we took pics with guests, did a few pics with our photographer, the videographers were amazing and capturing everything. I din't like my WP too much that night but my DOC made it up very much. She was awesome! Anyway, it was the end of the night. We did our last dance to "At Last" by Etta James and it was so sweet. DH made a small thank you speech and then we were whisked away to a quiet room. That was the only place we had alone time all night. It was only about 10 minutes but it was nice. They used that time to send all the guests outside with bubbles for our exit. During our exit, we were told to walk to the left and the fireworks started going off. The guests loved it! The show went on for a WHILE and we got in our Rolls, My sister brought my baby to me so I could give him a kiss before we took off and he reached for me after I kissed him and when I didn't take him, he started crying. That KILLED me! The car took off while my baby was reaching and crying and I nearly died. I cried and cried in the car and was so sad at the hotel. I felt bad for DH. :(

But overall, the wedding was sooooo amazing! The drama was kept at bay and I am so pleased with how it all turned out. So so pleased. If I could do it all over again, I would never invite that stupid guest (refer to my mini-recap), I would hire a different WP (Jaryce) or do it myself, and I would make sure the chef understood Medium Well (not medium RED. ughhh...). But I would do it all again in a heartbeat because it was soooooooooooooo magical. 

My advice to new brides or those not married yet is to ENJOY EVERY SINGLE minute of it. It goes by wayyyy too fast and your fantasy day is over. Don't let the small things stress you. Make sure to smile. Enjoy your new husband because that is the reason for all this hoopla anyway. Enjoy all these pics. There's lots and lots so I'll be updating regularly.


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We built our house (EVERYTHING to the tile grout was custom made) last year. We've lived here for a year but we just got married and now I feel like I can call it OUR home! OR, I was just lazy to put up pics! LOL! Either way, here's the pics of our  house. Enjoy.

The Gobina Houshold photo 1 Living room

The Gobina Houshold photo 2 Breakfast nook

Kitchen Pics.
The Gobina Houshold photo 3 The Gobina Houshold photo 4

The Gobina Houshold photo 5 
LOVEE our oven/micowave combo

Laundry Room - <3 love love...
The Gobina Houshold photo 6

Master w/sitting area
The Gobina Houshold photo 7 The Gobina Houshold photo 8

Master bath
The Gobina Houshold photo 9

The Gobina Houshold photo 10 The Gobina Houshold photo 11

There are a total of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. We have a living room, dining room, kitchen nook, laundry room, 2 car garage and I ADORE our house! Even after a year.

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There are so many links that I don't feel like retyping or blogs that I want to post. So here's where I'll keep myself organized! LOL!

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That would actually be yesterday (8/7). I haven't got any pics uploaded yet but I will post as soon as I do. MAN! We had a blast!!! It was sooooo much fun! Everybody had a blast. We played several games including quizzes (So you think you know Pam?? and Wedding Word scramble), bridal bingo, What was the bride wearing?, Birthday closest to Wedding date. But the FUNNEST 3 games we played were Toilet Tissue dress game (there were some interesting ones), Pole and hole between the legs (if you want to know what that is, ask is SUPER SUPER funny and fun!!) and shaping a penis from playdoh (game idea courtesy of Chantel). OMG!!! It was super funny and sooooooo soooooooo much fun. The food was AWESOME, cake was a sugar rush, drinks, gifts (lots of Victoria's Secret stuff....), we had some of my fave music playing in the background. It was fabulous and super girly (the colors were dark pink and black/zebra). What a blast! I can't wait to post pics. 6 more days!!!!


My look

Shower me with Love photo 1 Shower me with Love photo 2

Me and 3 of my Maids.

Shower me with Love photo 3

My mom, me and my sis (MOH).

Shower me with Love photo 4 Shower me with Love photo 5

Toilet tissue dresses.

Shower me with Love photo 6

Shower me with Love photo 7

Shower me with Love photo 8

Shower me with Love photo 9

Shower me with Love photo 10

Super fun Pole in the Hole game

Shower me with Love photo 11

Shower me with Love photo 12

Shower me with Love photo 13

The most awesome game. Self explanatory.

Shower me with Love photo 14  Shower me with Love photo 15

Shower me with Love photo 16

My cousins. Such good sports but they said they were traumatized after this game...LOL!!!

Shower me with Love photo 17

Shower me with Love photo 18 Shower me with Love photo 19

Shower me with Love photo 20

Shower me with Love photo 21

Shower me with Love photo 22 Shower me with Love photo 23

My cake. It was like sugar!!!

Shower me with Love photo 24 Shower me with Love photo 25


Shower me with Love photo 26 Shower me with Love photo 27

Shower me with Love photo 28

Shower me with Love photo 29


Shower me with Love photo 30

Shower me with Love photo 31

My hostesses

Shower me with Love photo 32

Shower me with Love photo 33

Shower me with Love photo 34

More Pics!

Shower me with Love photo 35

Shower me with Love photo 36

Shower me with Love photo 37

Shower me with Love photo 38

Shower me with Love photo 39

Shower me with Love photo 40

Shower me with Love photo 41

Ethan was so good. Alllll those women? Alllll that attention? I think he was in his own little Heaven. He had a good time!

Shower me with Love photo 42 Shower me with Love photo 43


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Wow...I never thought this day would come but it has. I am on the list. Wow!!!!!! No turning back now! Here we go...

Sat, August 14 - Girllygirll 
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