Aug 14, 2010

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On July 31st, 2 weeks before our wedding, we were just going to go out with friends but it ended up being the EParty we never had! Super Awesome.

Live band.

E Din photo 1

E Din photo 2

E Din photo 3

E Din photo 4

My girl Virgie Virge!!

E Din photo 5

FI with our friends who are NEWLY ENGAGED! Do I hear New PDubber??

E Din photo 6

E Din photo 7

E Din photo 8

It was so nice to get out, DRINK, and have some fun. But I was tired by 10:30pm. LOL! I'm such an old lady sometimes!

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We had the hardest time figuring out what to do here but FI finally decided to just individualize. So here they are!

New black studs for two with pierced ears.

Gifts for the Guys photo 1

Engraved mugs for 4 of our drinkers.

Gifts for the Guys photo 2

For the student, an engraved box of pencils with encouraging words on them!

Gifts for the Guys photo 3

My personal fave, engraved Chuck Taylors for his 3 guys that have actually been putting forth A LOT of effort to help things run more smoothly.

Gifts for the Guys photo 4

Gifts for the Guys photo 5

Gifts for the Guys photo 6

Every gift (except the earrings) are personalized with the guy's nickname. It's pretty cool. Makes me want to be one of his GMs!! At least one who put forth effort!! LOL!

We also got them all Argyle socks and the GMs Ts. I'm putting them all together next week!! YAY!!!!!!!!

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I did it! 5K! Now it's time to work towards 10k. Here's the post by me and FI.

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Okay, this story is unbelievable. I started off thinking I had sooooooo much time to do my invitations and get them out.....WRONG!! All of a sudden, it was beyond time to have the invitations sent out! AND I had NOTHING!! We are doing DVD invitations and our DVD wasn't burning right, the printer was drinking the ink for the labels, I didn't even have anything as far as paper is concerned (to put the dvd's in, the insert cards, RSVPs, envelopes, NOTHING!). So I put in an order at and got them by the 2nd day (I super expediated the shipping!) and FI ordered a super DVD burner from EBay. Then we got to work....OMG. I didn't realize how much work I would be doing and what I would be getting myself into. So I contacted Sarah (GoingtobeGoff, and had her put together a design for my insert cards. Not only is she friggin amazing, she's extremely talented and TOTALLY awesome. So after a whole afternoon of chatting and going back and forth, Sarah put together this AMAZINGLY gorgeous design. She got my vision before I even understood what it was.
THEN it came time to print. ***BIGGEST LONGEST SIGH EVER*** What a headache. I went back and forth to Office Depot cutting cards (I only ordered one set of insert cards so I had to go create more (the guest information/map inserts), buying ink, and buying sticky pads (to seal). After countless ink cartridges, glue sticks, sticky pads, cardstock, scissors, a cheap busted paper cutter, several messed up envelopes, 4 days of starting around noon and working til 3am, and a NEW PRINTER, VOILA!! Here are my DIY invitations. Enjoy yourselves.

Invitation madness photo 1  Invitation madness photo 2

FI burning DVD copies after a 10 hour work day.

Invitation madness photo 3  Invitation madness photo 4
Utter chaos...

Invitation madness photo 5
SEVERAL ink cartridges....these things are EXPENSIVE!!

Invitation madness photo 6
New printer that printed the DVD labels FLAWLESSLY!! (AND it's a Kodak...less expensive ink...SCORE!)

Invitation madness photo 7  Invitation madness photo 8
My friend helping out. We had an invitation party.

COUNTLESS hours of work....Look at the chaos...

FINALLY Assembled.

Invitation madness photo 9

Invitation madness photo 10  Invitation madness photo 11

After all that, here are the insert cards and the final look.

Invitation madness photo 12  Invitation madness photo 13

Invitation madness photo 14  Invitation madness photo 15

Invitation madness photo 16  Invitation madness photo 17

Invitation madness photo 18  Invitation madness photo 19

The assembly line...Almost ready to mail out!

Invitation madness photo 20

***We got our first RSVP back not too long after mailing out the invitations!!

Invitation madness photo 21


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I finally purchased by toasting flutes and cake server set.

It s the little things photo 1        It s the little things photo 2

**UPDATE!!** They came in!

It s the little things photo 3

****On wedding day!


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Searching for shoes has been a long crazy process for me! I got help from so many people inluding my MOH sister and TheChicBride. **SIGH** Cur-sed huge size 11 boats that I inherited.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, after much deliberation and going back and forth...let me introduce you shoes.

The Shoe Saga photo 1

I plan on blinging out the heel.  I'm not 1000% sure I will wear these beauties on W-Day but I love the color. I will update with pics when they arrive!!!



I've blinged out ONE heel. It took me about 2 days (not non-stop but you know). I still have one to go. But check it out!!

The Shoe Saga photo 2  Before.

The Shoe Saga photo 3 After. The Shoe Saga photo 4

The Shoe Saga photo 5  Love love love.

 **UPDATE!!** The shoes are complete! I added crystal brooches on the front too and they look amazing! I love, absolutely love how they turned out!

The Shoe Saga photo 6 

The Shoe Saga photo 7  The Shoe Saga photo 8

****My shoes on Wedding day!!