Aug 14, 2010

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I stumbled across this project wedding website doing a search on wedding crystals. I was amazed by how much information and inspiration you can find here. Of course I'm already a Knottie, but this website seems to have more inspiration from real brides. I love it! I'm excited of course.

(Thanks to bridezilla101610, I was finally able to get a countdown posted here....I used to be computer savvy )




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Not feeling it. This is my first one. I don't think he really got what I wanted, nor did he listen. Needless to say, I will be scheduling another makeup trial for May. I hope I find a MUA soon...

Beauty is her name photo 1      Beauty is her name photo 2


2nd Make up trial! I liked this MUA better but I still want something else. Something is missing and I can't figure it out. I have one more make up trial. I think I'm just super picky!

Beauty is her name photo 3    Beauty is her name photo 4

Beauty is her name photo 5

Stay tuned for trial #3!


MU trial part 3.
**SIGH** I still wasn't feeling it. This one I was feeling less than the last one. I'm not sure if I'm satisfyable.

Beauty is her name photo 6  Beauty is her name photo 7

I REALLY don't understand the lip color. That just doesn't fit my skin tone whatsoever. ANOTHER $50 down the drain....

So here's what I've decided to do. I am just going to BOOK a MUA with no trial. I've seen her work online, her skills seem amazing, and she comes highly recommended. Her skin is dark like mine so she HAS to know what to do with me. I'm closing my eyes and diving in. Wish me luck!


FINALLY!! I was able to get some makeup that I LOVE. L. O. V. E. The MUA that I said earlier that I was going to just book ended up being the one. Not only for my MU but my hair too. So she'll be taking care of me on WDAY!! YAYYY!!! Here is the link to my post.

Beauty is her name photo 8 Beauty is her name photo 9

Beauty is her name photo 10 Beauty is her name photo 11

****My wedding day look!! 

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Thanks to Sarah, we now have 5 fantabulous monograms to choose from.

MONOGRAMS photo 1      MONOGRAMS photo 2


MONOGRAMS photo 3             MONOGRAMS photo 4


Love them!! (omitted one due to last name...LOL!)

****Monograms used at the wedding!!


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I finally booked our baker! Thanks to all these blinged out cake ideas, I chose this one to use as inspiration. we are getting Pistahio with pistachio cream and bavarian cream filling, and we are getting amaretto with bavarian cream filling....YUM. I'm salivating for it! Now I just have to find inexpensive crystals because this cake is going to end up costing me a billion dollars.

Piece of Cake photo 1  Actual! --->Piece of Cake photo 2

Here is the inspiration for the groom's cake. Only the helmet (Houston Texans) will be cake (Carrott, his fave). The jersey will be a basketball jersey (The Rockets, who else?). I'm so excited about his cake! Even more so than mine!

Piece of Cake photo 3  Actual! ---> Piece of Cake photo 4

****Cakes on Wedding Day!!!!!





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This is just the video. Haven't put together the enclosures or the envelopements yet. So friggin excited!

Man! Am I excited or what? My photog, THE MOST AWESOME photog in the world (IMO) has put together our DVD wedding inviation video! The invitation wording will be included in the end and we will also include a flyer with all the info JIC someone doesn't want to watch the DVD. We are probably going to put the DVD in a pocketfold and also include the RSVP. I am so excited because it is so awesome (IMO). Check it out.

What do you think?

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So far, not so good.

So I tried the hanging letters.

I bought hydrangeas and moss to see which one I wanted to use. Well, the sucky glue doesn't stick faux flowers very well so I had to scrap and use moss instead. This is the result of that....

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 1

Next, after quickly getting frustrated with that, I tried DIY name flip-flops for my maids...Very very bad idea.

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 2  Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 3

I just ended up with glue all over the place and a headache. That middle crystal is supposed to be a pink embellishment but it looks more like a cheap piece of crap. **SIGH**  That's why I buy everything....

**UPDATE!!** I've been a little bit more successful with my DIYs lately!
With the help of TheChicBride, I DIYd a pomander for my flower girls! I've only made one but I'm SUPER happy with how it turned out!

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 4  Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 5

Thanks to JennyPaul's article, I DIYd bouts for my ringbearers, my baby, and 2 ushers.

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 6   Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 7

Thanks to the lady at Michael's, I DIYd my BMs and MOHs earrings and bracelets!

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 8   Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 9

It's getting so exciting! Next step, bling out my shoes (if I ever buy them!)

**UPDATE!!** More DIY fun!

Thanks to Jaryce21 (HI CBFF!!), I did some NICE moss letters (not like my fail above). They are 18" wooden letters. They look gawgus!

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 10

Flower girl bracelet (still working on the necklace)            Hostess hair flower  

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 11       Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 12

1 blinged out heel! 

Do It Yo Self Craziness photo 13