Aug 14, 2010

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Our ringbearers are so cute! One is my godson, Malachi and the other is FI's GM's son, Will. They are both going to be 4 at our wedding! 

We finally decided on their tuxes.

Bearer of the Ring photo 1  

It's a 5 piece tux. They will also be wearing these bouts that I DIYd!

Bearer of the Ring photo 2

My son, Ethan, will be 10 months during the wedding. He will be wearing a similar suit and the small bout in the middle.

So we decided to order different tuxes as well. Thanks to Chancesare, we ordered from They are super cute! They've already come in but I have yet to upload a pic. Here's the stock photo.

Bearer of the Ring photo 3

I'll have one of my 2 ring bearers carrying a "Here comes the bride" sign, the other will be carrying a briefcase, and our Little Ring Bearer, Ethan, will be carrying this adorable pillow!

Bearer of the Ring photo 4

****RB's on Wedding Day!!


(My second RB was too upset to walk down the aisle!)

Here's Ethan!!!

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We have two flower girls, one is my Goddaughter, Lael and the other is FI's niece, Julie. They'll both be 4 years old at the wedding. I haven't found their dresses or accessories yet but thanks to PWer lindsay.hoss, I went to Target today and bought them this ADORABLE gift!

Flower Girlies photo 1           Flower Girlies photo 2

How fun! I'll post more about the FGs as I get the info. Just had to share about the dolls!

**UPDATE!!** I've settled on a flower girl dress! My FGs will be sporting this cutie in ivory and pink! 

Flower Girlies photo 3   Flower Girlies photo 4 (dress in action)

I'll be making my FGs' jewelry! Something like this.

Flower Girlies photo 5

***UPDATE*** Here's the DIY bracelet I made for the FGs! Will probably change the ribbon to dark pink but I'm not sure yet.

Flower Girlies photo 6


So I decided to change my FG dresses!!! I like the one above but I wanted something a little different for my wedding. So without further adeui, here they are!!

Flower Girlies photo 7

The sash will be fushia pink (tafetta). They have already shipped to Houston so I can't wait to see them!!  I've also FINALLY finished the 2nd pomander. I can't wait to see the girls on WDay!!

***My FGs on Wedding Day!!



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Here are some of our E-pix. I love how they turned out. Of course I can't post all 600 but here are a few of them.

6 out of 600 E pix photo 1   6 out of 600 E pix photo 2

6 out of 600 E pix photo 3  6 out of 600 E pix photo 4

6 out of 600 E pix photo 5  6 out of 600 E pix photo 6

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I finally uploaded pictures of my fabulous bling. FH did it alllll by himself! I was so shocked, I didn't even see the ring the first hour after he gave it to me. Then when I did see it, it was like W-H-O-A. Extra bonus points for FH!!!   :)

Ring a ding dong photo 1      Ring a ding dong photo 2


So FI & I went to shop for our wedding bands a long time ago. We selected some and since my e-ring was so large, I opted for a smaller band. The other day, I went to look at the bands again and FELL IN LOVE with a larger band! So I was trying to sell FI on the idea that I NEEDED this larger band and he was like "no, you already have too much ring on your finger, yada yada yada". So I was all bummed. We went to the jewelers one day and all the sales people were discouraging me from any other ring since the one I wanted was gone. We also went to the jeweler that FI is getting his custom band from and he was trying to discourage me from melting my promise ring into my wedding band. He told me to just keep it. Long story short, I came home from work one day and saw a box on the dining room table. I was like "what is that?" So I opened it and it was the larger band!! FI went and bought the band I wanted without me knowing! He also had both jewelers in on it to discourage me from any other rings. How sweet is he?

Ring a ding dong photo 3  Ring a ding dong photo 4

Gotta love it!

I can't wait for FI's band to be finished. It just keeps getting more and more real!!

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My first inspiration board!

Thanks to TheChicBride and MeeshMosh for some of their pictures!

Visual Pleasure photo 1

My colors (finally)

Visual Pleasure photo 2Visual Pleasure photo 3Visual Pleasure photo 4

Dark teal, Dark fuschia, and Pearl with *BLING* everywhere! Love it.
My wedding vision is GLAM! Romantic, glamourous, BLING is the best way to describe my day!

My bouquet inspirations - I really just want something white and LUSH! I love the look of really LARGE bouquets that are white and romantic. My florist will use roses, orchids and callas to make up my bouquet. I will be wrapping my very thick stems in BLING! 

Visual Pleasure photo 5  Bouquet handle inspiration


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The ceremony and reception will be in the same place.


 Where it s at photo 1 

Here is where the ceremony will be. It is an extremely beautiful chapel!

Where it s at photo 2 Front of the chapel.

Where it s at photo 3  The courtyard where the cocktail hour will take place.

Where it s at photo 4 

Here's a shot of the reception hall. It's huge and will fit our 300 guests nicely.


They will cater so our caterer is Behind the Bash catering. I've only heard awesome things about them so I look forward to the menu creation.

**UPDATE!!!** We've created our menu! The tasting was AMAZING! It was so fun and the food was IMPECCABLE! I HIGHLY recommend Behind the Bash catering if you're catering an EXQUISITE event in Houston, TX!