Aug 14, 2010

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Here is my dress! I love love love this dress. I walked into David's Bridal and almost walked right out. I went to Alfred Angelo and liked 2 dresses from the Piccone line but really wanted some more bling and something different. So then I went to Ventura's Bridal and this is the first dress I saw. I instantly fell in love! I tried this and 4 others on but I kept going back to this one. It looks like whipped cream on me and it has the bling I wanted. It has everything I wanted in my dress and I'm soooo happy to have found The One!

The OTHER one photo 1

    MY DRESS!!! Oh how I love it....

Still working on shoes and jewelry. Looking for a veil that's practically see through and hair accessories. Definitely NOT wearing a tiara but thinking of a headband. I've seen some really amazing ones! It's getting more real!

***NEW PICS***

Here is the dress on me when I first tried her on and fell in love...

The OTHER one photo 2  The OTHER one photo 3



My dress came in on June 9, 2010! I'll be doing my first fitting on June 11, 2010! EXCITED!!   :D :D :D

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So of course we already have some things done. I've picked out my BMs dresses.

They are Belsoie in Teal. I love the neckline and how it hides imperfections in the waist.

Bridesmaid s look photo 1BMs Dress.

I've also talked with my sister, who is my MOH and I really really wanted her dress to be different. So we selected another Belsoie dress for her. Also in Teal. I love the neckline and the mermaid cut and how it compliments my BMs dress.

Bridesmaid s look photo 2
MOH Dress. We are going to add a broach or something to make her stand out even more.

I have yet to find jewelry. But I'm having the girls wear silver or black shoes so we'll have a mixture. I would really like them to wear fuschia but I met some resistance...boooo :(  Silver and black are soooo traditional and I am soooo not. IDK, maybe I'll still make them wear fuschia. It's my wedding right? But I don't want them to feel uncomfortable. Not sure what to do about hair. I think it's more elegant to have updos or sideswept hair. I might give them something to wear in their hair, either a flower or jeweled pins. Still working on that....

**UPDATE!!** FINALLY, after much headache and going back and forth, I have FINALLY committed to jewelry for my BMs! I made them earrings and bracelets but I contacted blustarfruit for necklaces. I am super excited about this part of my hunt being closed! LOL! I didn't know it would take so long!

DIY Earrings and bracelet:

Bridesmaid s look photo 3

The girls will be carrying bouquets of hot pink lady roses. Somewhat like these roses.

Bridesmaid s look photo 7


The necklaces from Blustarfruit are in! And they are GORGEOUS!

The bridesmaid's necklaces. White pearls with fuschia swarovski crystals.

Bridesmaid s look photo 8  Bridesmaid s look photo 9

The MOH's necklace. White pearl brooch necklace.

Bridesmaid s look photo 10  Bridesmaid s look photo 11


I forgot to post the BM brooches for their bouquets. Plain and sparkly! I'm missing a P, Y, and M.

Bridesmaid s look photo 12


Here is my MOH and my fave cousin modeling the dresses! They are so pretty but we decided to add bling to give it some sparkle.

Bridesmaid s look photo 13 Bridesmaid s look photo 14

The brooch. It's really pretty in person!

Bridesmaid s look photo 15

***The 'maids on wedding day!



 (My MOH (sister)...Gorgeous!)


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Who we are:

Pam - I'm a pharmacist in Texas who was born and raised in Dallas, TX, went to school in Houston, TX, did a residency in San Antonio, TX, and I now live at the tip of TX in Edinburg, about 20 minutes from Mexico.

Marvin - He is my FI! He is also a pharmacist in Texas who was born in Oklahoma, raised in Cameroon (Africa), went to school in Houston, TX and now lives here in Edniburg with me. Marvin is the LOVE of my LIFE! He is so kind, so patient. He gives me just about any and everything I want. I love him more than life itself. 

Together - We are such homebodies, hard workers and we were made for one another IMO! We have a lot of the same goals and we are both super excited to call each other...each other's! I am so in love with this man, it's ridiculous! It was such a rocky road to get here but we are here...

Meet Us photo 1  Meet Us photo 2

How we met: FI and I met during interviews for pharmacy school. He was actually the interview right before me! I was so nervous and when he came out, he told me it wasn't that bad. I didn't believe him. We both got into pharmacy school and the rest is history!

How he proposed: We went to Dallas for his friend's baby shower. He was acting TOTALLY normal! At the baby shower, I was getting SUPER sleepy and bored (it was more like a party than a baby shower) so around 1:30am, he got up to make a speech. He asked his friend to hold the video camera and I was like "Why didn't you ask me to hold it?" He said "I know you don't want to get up" I was like, OKAY! During his speech he asked me to come up there with him for support. I still had NO CLUE! In front of EVERYBODY (a lot of people I didn't even know) he pulled out a ring and asked me to be his wife! I actually ran away because he totally surprised me and caught me off guard. It was amazing. Of course I said yes.

Meet Us photo 3  Meet Us photo 4


We're a dot com!!! YAY! Check it out.....

****UPDATE!!!**** (4/19/11)

After 8 months, our wedding videos are here! I LOVE THEM! Can't stop watching!