Feb 02, 2013

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In the summer of 2011 we actually had booked Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, Ca for an Asian theme garden wedding on September 1, 2012 a Labor Day weekend wedding.  After looking around for caterers we realize the cost would be the same of my dream wedding location and worrying about the weather for an outdoor wedding we (or should I say I) decided to cancelled Hakone Garden which I got my full deposit back because we cancelled 1 year in advance and booked Palm Event Center located in Pleasanton, CA.  I wanted a Fall vineyard wedding but PEC (Palm Event Center) was all booked for 2012.  We settled for February 2, 2013. 

I abosolutely love this venue.  It's gorgeous and I like that I don't have to do much to make it look nice.

  The Venue photo 2


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I had my e-ring custom made to copy the Lucida ring from Tiffany's that I love so much. Lucida engagement ringLucida with matching diamond band


After losing 25lbs my ring no longer fits me.  Instead of getting it sized I decided I want a new setting.  I'm keeping the same diamond but just a new setting.  I had a custom ring made for me inspired by a Simon G design.

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Inspiration dresses

Watters 1039B Dress by Watters

 Mikaella 1612 Dress by Mikaella - 1612

Dress Update

After trying on many different dresses it came down to these last two dresses, Mikaella 1406 and San Patrick Eresma.


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Vineyard Wedding

Color scheme - green and brown

Bamboo Theme


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We are high school sweet hearts and we have been together since Feb 1992.  At a very young age we had a wonderful son in 1993.  He's longer a baby but now a young man at 18 yrs old.  We are both very proud of the young man he has become.  Our relationship had a rough beginning and there were breaks here and there but we eventually stuck it through and made it work.  Every thing we have been through has made us closer and stronger.  We always knew we would be together forever but getting married was never a priority for me.  After buying our first home and both having good stables job making good money we finally decided to get married.

The Proposal

We got engaged in Feb 2007 in Tahoe, CA celebrating our 15th anniversary.  It was after our dinner and we just return back to our hotel room when I saw him getting on his knees.  Right away I knew what he was doing and he started to talk but I can't seem to remember the actual words but before he can even finish, I tackled him down, gave him a great big hug and started to cry.  After being with him for 15 years I already knew I wanted to marry him.  That was the proposal he never proposed LOL.  It's been a long engagement but we have been waiting for the perfect moment to get married.  We finally have saved up enough money and decided to get get married in 2012 hitting our 20th year anniversary.  I'm excited to get married and looking forward to the wedding planning.