Sep 19, 2010

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Hello Ladies! I just wanted to let you know I am making my way into the wedding business as a photographer.

If you are in the NY/NJ area and are looking for a reasonably priced wedding photographer think of me!

Michelle Stella Photography


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{My Sign Off}

You plan and plan and plan for this one day, some of us for multiple years.  It starts off as a fairy tail, a surreal dream of sorts that you can only half imagine and then quickly becomes a huge list of “ to do’s” and decisions to be made.  It slowly consumes your life as you know it.

You begin to find that few other people out there are as excited about every detail of YOUR BIG DAY as you are. Not your mom or your maid of honor and usually not even your FI.  But you HAVE to share your every diy project, the story about your last fitting, your confusion between color palettes, and especially your triumphs when something gets checked off that overwhelming list!

Our internal bridal urge to spill every exciting detail and struggle and to be inspired by eachother draws us together. The simple fact that even though we may be worlds apart, we are traveling on the same emotional rollercoaste r. 

Because really, who are we kidding, we are innocently obsessed with our big day, to the point where by the end of it we are ready to throw up on ourselves  and how consumed we have been with everything about ou r wedding day and just be MARRIED already.

At the end of the fairy tale, when all is said and done, it is something we look back on with a strong sense of accomplishment, sentiment, and happiness, and then run to post pictures ASAP to share with all of our friends, our rocks, our PW community!

 Thank you ladies for listening, giving advice, and being a beautiful rock for me these past months.

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Venue Ceremony & Reception: Westmount Country Club Woodland Park, NJ (

Photographers: Kate Connolly / Associate: Jimmy, Off Beat Productions (

Music: Scratch Events / DJ JVC ( (

Wedding Dress: Demetrios (

Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG (Macys)

Grooms/Groomsmen Suits: Alfani (Macys)

Florist: Atlas Florists

Photobooth: Aardvark Amusements

Hair/ Make-up: Lilly & Pedro of Bangz Salon (

Invitations/Stationary: DIY (Printed by




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Pros Reception photo 1

Pros Reception photo 2        Pros Reception photo 3

Pros Reception photo 4Pros Reception photo 5

Pros Reception photo 6Pros Reception photo 7

Pros Reception photo 8Pros Reception photo 9Pros Reception photo 10

Pros Reception photo 11

  Pros Reception photo 12Pros Reception photo 13

Pros Reception photo 14Pros Reception photo 15

Pros Reception photo 16Pros Reception photo 17

Pros Reception photo 18Pros Reception photo 19

Pros Reception photo 20Pros Reception photo 21Pros Reception photo 22Pros Reception photo 23

Pros Reception photo 24Pros Reception photo 25Pros Reception photo 26

Pros Reception photo 27Pros Reception photo 28Pros Reception photo 29Pros Reception photo 30Pros Reception photo 31Pros Reception photo 32

Pros Reception photo 33Pros Reception photo 34

Pros Reception photo 35Pros Reception photo 36Pros Reception photo 37

Pros Reception photo 38Pros Reception photo 39Pros Reception photo 40

Pros Reception photo 41Pros Reception photo 42Pros Reception photo 43

Photography by Kate Connolly & Jimmy (Off Beat Productions)

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Pros Reception Details photo 1Pros Reception Details photo 2Pros Reception Details photo 3Pros Reception Details photo 4Pros Reception Details photo 5Pros Reception Details photo 6

Pros Reception Details photo 7

  Pros Reception Details photo 8

Pros Reception Details photo 9  Pros Reception Details photo 10Pros Reception Details photo 11

Pros Reception Details photo 12


 Pros Reception Details photo 13Pros Reception Details photo 14Pros Reception Details photo 15 

Pros Reception Details photo 16Pros Reception Details photo 17

Pros Reception Details photo 18Pros Reception Details photo 19Pros Reception Details photo 20

Photography by Kate Connolly & Jimmy (Off Beat Productions)