Oct 10, 2010

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Our wedding day was practically flawless. We were so beyond blessed by amazing friends who gave of themselves to make sure our day was perfect & everything we wanted!!

My day started around 7 am at the hotel with the videographer getting footage of my dress & accessories. I joined the rest of my bridesmaids around 8 am for hair & make up. Everyone looked fabulous!!

Our photographers arrived around 9 am...half an hour late, and then ran us consistently late the rest of the day. This is probably my only issue/worry to the day. I am not worried about the quality of the photos they have gotten, but I am worried about the quantity. There are many shots (shoe shot of all the girls, my feather girl-my 18 month old niece-just being herself before the ceremony since she wasn't at the hotel getting ready with us, just Chase & I, etc) that were not gotten. I am hoping they surprise me in the next few weeks when I get pictures back from them and that they captured more than I remember, but I am concerned...

We had our first look around 2 pm and took some wedding party shots at the first location. The weather was perfect!! Sunshine, blue skies with a few scattered clouds, and the temps were in the low 80s :) As we were leaving our first location to go to our second location, Chase surprised me with his gift for me for the wedding day...a vintage Bentley!! We had talked about getting a vintage car, but decided we would rather have put that money towards something else in the budget so I was truly surprised when he pulled this one off :)

We arrived at our venue about 1/2 an hour before the ceremony was set to begin. I'm pretty sure our videographer captured it, but I started jumping up & down & squealing in typical girl fashion because I was so stinkin' giddy from just how perfect our venue looked & how everyone had worked so hard for us to make my vision a reality!! Just before my dad & I walked down the aisle, he handed me a super sweet note from Chase telling me how excited he was for me to become his wife. The ceremony went perfectly...the rings were there, we didn't mess up our vows, etc :)

The reception was A LOT of fun. Even with 30 people having no showed on us (quite a bit when you consider we were only expecting 75 guests) we still had the time of our lives!! Our slideshow of childhood phtotos our DJs created for us was amazing. Definitely had a lot of laughs & "awwww" moments with it :) Then during our first dance, our DJs gave us the most wonderful surprise...they had made us a compilation video of scenes from The Notebook!! They knew I had tried contacting over ten people who had made compilation videos to see if there was any way they could send me a high def copy. I wanted this played while Chase & I were dancing to help tie in our other Notebook touches even more. I had given up on it working out, but our DJs went the extra mile & spent over 4 hours putting together over 300 scenes from the movie to make sure our day was everything we wanted!!! I loved our wedding cake & Chase's groom's cake...a Tarheel shaped cake to honor his North Carolina heritage. Everyone loved the cake too...we hardly had any cake left over by the end of the night and we had twice as much cake as we needed!!

The photobooth was a HUGE hit!!! Everyone had fun with it and it was rarely empty! I was able to get my grandpa to go in with me & Chase was able to get his Nanny to go in with him...even with props on :) I am so glad we purchased black cardstock, photo mounting squares, & silver sharpies so that our guests could make us a photo scrapbook/guestbook. It is definitely one of my favorite mementos of the day!!

All in all, my day was everything I wanted & more :) Sorry I can only share photos friends took for now...I should have pro photos hopefully within the next 10 days or so.

Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 1Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 2Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 3Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 4Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 5Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 6Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 7Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 8Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 9Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 10Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 11Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 12Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 13Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 14Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 15Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 16Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 17Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 18Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 19Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 20Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 21Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 22Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 23Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 24Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 25Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 26Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 27Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 28Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 29Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 30Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 31Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 32Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 33Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 34Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 35Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 36Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 37Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 38Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 39Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 40Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 41Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 42Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 43Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 44Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 45Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 46Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 47Wedding Day Recap D D D photo 48

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Happy Friday Ladies :D I decided I wanted to play around with my vision for our guest tables. Alas, since I do not have all of the pieces, I had to suffice "painting" a picture in Paint...so please don't laugh at my lack of artistic skills...lol!!!

Our tables are 60" rounds that we plan to seat 8 at. We want to go with black floor length linens. My vision has been having two red runners with either a 24" or 36" damask table square (that is the damask pattern we are using in the photo). The black square in the middle of the table square will be a 24" eiffel tower vase with ostrich feathers & maybe some pearl garland hanging from underneath the feathers...not sure yet if the pearl garland would look right. The red circles on the table squares are our red tealight holders from Ikea. We also have red diamond gemstones to use as table scatter. The black & red rectangles are the napkins that I plan to have folded & placed half on the dinner plates & half hanging over the edge of the table.

What are your thoughts & opinions? Do you like my vision?
Table Mock Up photo 1

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So I won my eBay auction last night for a vintage 40s dress.  We are doing a vintage themed engagement shoot a la "The Notebook".  We'll be recreating the ice cream scene, the bicycle scene, the dancing in the street scene, the piano scene (minues the love making...lol), and hopefully the infamous rowboat scene.  I already have the shoes that I think I will wear.  I had purchased the headpiece thinking I was going to buy a different dress.  Hopefully, it will all still come together.  What does everybody think?

Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 1Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 2

Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 3Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 4Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 5

Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 6Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 7 

Engagement Shoot Outfit photo 8

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Our table numbers :)  We want to incorporate touches of the movie "The Notebook" into our wedding since the story line fits us so well.  So I had the idea to take movie stills and layer a table number over them.  Since I have no photo software, I turned to Shayne (printablebride.com) to help make my vision a reality.  All I can say, is she is FABULOUS!!!

So Excited About photo 1So Excited About photo 2So Excited About photo 3So Excited About photo 4So Excited About photo 5So Excited About photo 6So Excited About photo 7So Excited About photo 8

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Just got an e-mail from Anne Klein today saying that they had shipped my shoes!  Two weeks earlier than expected...love that :)  Fingers crossed these will stay on my feet since my feet are so narrow!!!

My Wedding Shoes photo 1My Wedding Shoes photo 2

My Wedding Shoes photo 3My Wedding Shoes photo 4

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So my mom (love her!) sent me a link today to a pair of damask pumps!  Of course, I ordered them & even found a second pair while I was at it :)  I know there are a lot of Damask brides out there so I wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to buy them as well!

Damask Shoes photo 1Damask Shoes photo 2