Oct 15, 2010

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Hi Ladies!

We just got back from our mini honeymoon yesterday so I though it would be a good time to recap our wedding for you all!

Well, it all started last Wednesday the 13th when we headed out to Vegas. 2 of my 3 bridesmaids were on our flight which was fun, along with my Fi, our son, my stepsons and their friend. We arrived in Vegas and pretty much immediately after we checked in to our room, my MUA arrived to get me ready for the bachelorette party that night. She did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. I headed out later that evening with my girls to dinner and none other than Thunder From Down Under! After the a mazingly wild show, we headed out to a few clubs, but me, being preggo, called it a somewhat early night and headed back to the hotel.

Thursday was mainly a prep day for the wedding Friday. My bm's and I put together the submerged centerpieces, which took a little time. We all met later that night for dinner @ Diablos Cantina on the strip and after, walked around the strip with a huge group of wedding guests. We stopped at the Bellagio to check out the fountain and walk the exhibit inside. It was beautiful. I called it an early night again that night...I needed my beauty rest for the next day!

Friday began with me ordering room srvice for breakfast and watching a few cartoons with my little man (21 months old) Before I knew it, my phone was flooded with texts and calls asking what I needed to be done...which was nothing other than for someone to get me some bandaids for my blistered feet from the nights previous and to bring a few things down to the reception hall.

My MUA showed up around noon and we began transforming me into a bride! I did see my Fi that day...we actually slept in the same bed and he was in and out while I was getting ready. We had planned on seeng each other before the ceremony anyway for pictures around town, so it was no big deal. He still told me over and over how beautiful I looked. So, after my hair and makeup was done, I got into my dress with the help of my mom and BM's and headed out for pictures with my Fi and wonderful pho tog. We got back around 4 and everyone was to meet in our room to head to the chapel by 4:30. We didnt do a rehersal so we did a quick run through. Sadly, my son was not into it very much and ended up not doing the whole ring barer thing...and cried and fussed the whole time during the ceremony so he was brought out of the chapel to see the waterfalls by my stepsons' friend.

We all lined up to walk into the chapel. My brother and I were arm and arm and I was So nervous. He is a jokester and had me laughing so much I thought I was going to pee my pants. My brother gave me away and then began the lovely ceremony led by a fabulous female pastor. We didnt write our vows and didnt even get the option to look through what was going to be said (hello, Vegas) but it ended up being beautiful and perfect.

After the ceremony, we took more pictures and I was informed that our DJ and special guest, ELVIS, were not in the building as of yet. I called him several times and it went straight to voicemail. Luckily, he showed up moments later and started the show. Glenn and I were introduced as husband and wife for the first time, did our first dance to Hall and Oates "Sarah Smile". We were joined in the dance first by our son Mason and then by my stepsons, Tyler and Josh. It was a very special moment and everyone could feel the love in the room as our little family danced together as an official family for the first time. After the first dance, the dj played several more dance songs and then ELVIS made his grand entrance! Everyone was so surprised and excited. I have many aunts that are HUGE Elvis fans and they acted like he was the real thing and ate it up! Our Elvis was a great performer, but as the night when on, he got a little too friendly with several female guests (like...grabbing t heir breasts, trying to kiss them and asking to go to their room with some) that we had no choice but to kick him out. I was so dissapointed, but tried to make the most of it. Everyone else thought it was hilarious that Elvis was a perv and had to be kicked out, so I am trying to find the humor in it. Luckily, his DJ stayed and finished the reception (and did an EXCELLENT job) He had wonderful reviews and is known as the best Elvis in Vegas, so I didnt expect this at all from him. He performed for a few hours, so we still got a good show but I am not having to pay for any of it and currently working with him to make this up to me. He claims he was on codeine for his sore throat which made him act this way...Anyway, like i said, I am trying to make the best of this bad situation so lets move on...

The food was wonderful, it was mexican themed and everyone said it was SO good. I didnt eat much because I was too excited and wanted to mingle with everyone. The cake was good but again, I only had a bite. We didnt do the "smash cake in the face" thing, it  was a nice, respectful cake cutting and feeding. My litle 4 year old cousin caught the bouquet and my brother in law caught the garter. We danced the night away and when it was supposed to come to an end, the party continued. The DJ stayed and play an extra half hour because my guests didnt want to leave. Once everyone finally did leave, we all met back in our suite and made plans for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, most of us got separated and while heading over to do karaoke, we got bombarded by some other guests who led us another direction so we didnt get to do karaoke (Mind you, I was in my dress the whole time, walking the stip. It was fabulous) My husband and I decided to call it a night around 2 am and headed back to our suite.

When we woke up in the am, we headed to breakfast, just the two of us and then back to the room to pack up to go. That day we said bye to guests and headed to SoCal for our honeymoon. We stayed outside of San Diego at Capistrano Beach (in Orange County) for a few days (Sat-Tues) and had a wonderful time. The weather wasnt the greatest, but we made the most of our time together;) We really had a blast and despite the Elvis ugliness, our wedding was everything I could ask for.

Thank you ladies for all of your advice, support and love through the whole process. Now, enjoy some non-pros

Bachelorette Party Night (non photog came with us to document the bach party too, so I will have some great pics from there soon!)

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 1

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 2

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 3

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 4

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 5

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 6

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 7


Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 8

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 9

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 10

Recap and Non Pro Pics photo 11

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I was hell bent on doing the invitation myself. I couldnt see why on earth you'd pay a fortune to get these done by someone else...but after doing them, I think it would have been money well spent!

I decided I wanted to have a picture of the Vegas skyline behind a piece of vellum printed with the invite info. Sounded easy enough. I planned to get a picture when my friend and I went to visit Vegas in March, but really, who was I kidding? We drank way too much and my photo skills are horrible! Luckily, we found a disk of photos of Vegas for sale in the hotel gift shop, so I figured I'd be able to find one on there to use. I found a gret picture of the four corners where the Tropicana is and decided to get it printed from in 5 x 7. I have been using vistaprint for years while I got my baking business off the ground a loved them. They did my STD's too. I ordered the cards with a neat little map of the area on the back and ordered the vellum from another company. I paid a little extra to get the vellum cut to size, but I thought it was worth it to not have to worry about that. Well, the vellum came in first and looked great. The cards from vistaprint took a little longer, but look great when they arrived. I put the 2 together only to fins out something somewhere had gone wrong. They wee both supposed to be 5 x 7 but something was off! I measured both and found out the vistaprint 5 x 7 was 4.something x 7.5....ugh...waaaay off. Luckily, I was able to get a refund for those and paid a $3 to get them cut at the printshop that printed the invites on the vellum for me. I had to cut the vellum too because the card from vistaprint came in 4 inch width instead of 5. The printshop also punched holes in the top so I could string the ribon through and tie it up in a pretty bow. Basically, the piner printshop saved the day on this one! I assembeled the invites all by myself, addressed, stuffed, sealed and stamped them alone too...even hand addressed the reply card envelopes. I didnt really want help though...I wanted to make sure it all looked perfect. I also ordered business cards from vistaprint and had the info for the hotel block printed on them to add to the envelope for my guests. (FREE!) Well, here's the final product:


Invitations photo 1

Invitations photo 2

Invitations photo 3

Here is the wording incase you cant see it clearly

Pack Your Bags
Get Out of Town
Head to Vegas
And Double Down

You Have Been Invited to Share Our
Happiness as We,
Sarah Armas
Glenn Swindell
Unite in Marriage
Friday, the Fifteenth of October
Two Thousand Ten
At 5 o’clock in the Evening
Reception to Follow

The Tropicana
Las Vegas, Nevada


oops...I forgot to get a pic of the map on the back...its cute!

Maybe next time!

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I chose my colors from a necklace given to me by my Granny when I was 5. It is aquamarine, which is my birthstone. She always said I could have the necklace on my wedding day and wear it then. She passed when I was in 3rd grade and I cant think of a better way to honor and remember her than to wear the georgeous necklace she gave my mom to keep for me till now.

I decided I should plan my wedding around the necklace. My love for vintage and this color really inspired my wedding theme and colors. I am going for soft colors of aquamarine, peaches, roses and green. Very natural and vintage-y feeling. I adore the 40's and 50's and have chosen my dress style to match that love. My necklace goes with it perfectly.

I cant wait to see how it all comes together!


Colors photo 1Colors photo 2

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I will have my sister, Nikki as my MOH, my BFFs Susanna and Kirstin as my bridesmaids. Really...Susanna has taken on the role of MOH so I really should give her the title as well! My sister is young and thinks MOH is just about the title, not about the duties...:(

The Wedding Party photo 1

Susanna and I in Vegas.


The Wedding Party photo 2

Kirstin and I at a cinco de mayo party...a little tipsy


Their Dresses. From White House Black wont believe the price...$39.00!!!!

The Wedding Party photo 3

The Wedding Party photo 4

My sister, Nikki, Bro Derek, and me at Xmas dinner



SInce my father has never been a part of my life, my brother, Derek, will be giving me away.

The Wedding Party photo 5




My FI, Glenn, will have his brother, Rick as his BM and his sons Tyler and Joshua as his GM. Our son Mason will be our ring barer!

Here are Joshua and Tyler

The Wedding Party photo 6


Joshua and Mason

The Wedding Party photo 7



Tyler and Mason

The Wedding Party photo 8

Glenn's bro, Rick, and Mason

The Wedding Party photo 9



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We are getting married at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

Little did I know, when we put down our deposit, that the whole hotel and casino would go under a huge renovation project! I was upset when I found out just because I wasnt told, but so, so happy about it now!  Everything but the pool will be done by October and will be beautiful. They are turning the cheesy, old, tropical-y (think hawaiian shirt) hotel into a sleek, Miami beach feel wonderland! I am so excited about it. The whole place will be redone, top to bottom. My guests will be staying in brand spanking new rooms and the convention rooms my wedding will be in are beautiful as well. I am so happy we were able to trun a potential disaster into something great...and because I made a stink about not being told (they technically broke their contract) I am getting everything at a STEAL! They are really bending over backwards for me and I couldnt be happier!

Venue photo 1Venue photo 2Venue photo 3Venue photo 4

So, I am really hoping we can do the ceremony outside somehwere at the Tropicana. The gardens are beautiful and we are such outdoor people...but becuase of the renovation, no one is really sure what will be available and we are playing it by ear. If it is available, perfect. If not, we will be doing the ceremony and reception in 2 of the convention rooms connected by an air wall. The small half will be for the ceremony, looking out on the gardens, and the larger room will be set for the reception. Im keeping my fingers crossed for some usable outside space!!!