Jul 15, 2006

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Mike and Joe from Todays The Day Weddings are two people that you need to meet with when deciding who will document your wedding day. Youd be cheating yourself out of an amazing experience if you dont. Here are just a few reasons they turned out to be one of our favorite vendors: Customer service. It was above and beyond what we experienced with any other vendor. They were quick with responses to e-mail or phone calls, open to answering any and all questions (no matter what quality or quantity), considerate with our time, and over all very laid back, fun, kind, and genuine people. Great pricing for all that is offered. Mike and Joe had very competitive pricing for a full day of coverage (from prep to reception) with two camera men and a stationary camera during the ceremony. Other places I looked into offered these at much higher prices along with editing and had limited hours for shooting. Check their website for complete pricing and available services. Wedding day coverage, photo montage, and interviews. These guys were everywhere and nowhere all at once on the wedding day. They got some great footage without disturbing the flow of things. It was a hellishly hot day (approx. 115 degrees) and they never complained, stopped running around, or lost their pleasant demeanor for a minute. I had comments from family on how nice they were and how impressed they were with their ability to capture everything on film without standing out. The photo montage was great and everyone who saw it loved it. The interviews were a great addition to the video and both my husband and I felt really comfortable talking with Joe while they were being taped. It felt like a conversation instead of a taped interview. Professionalism. Mike and Joe were honest and up-front about everything from the beginning of the entire process which I really appreciated. The last thing you need when planning a wedding is for vendors to cause you stress or give you misinformation. I was comfortable with them from day one and our personalities matched well. Be good to them and they will be good to you. Quality end product. We love our video! It really captured the feel of the day and told the story without any cheesy graphics or lame, fuzzy photo lenses a la Glamour Shots circa 1990s. They took a non-traditional approach to our video and it really suits us. My husband and I both got a little teary when we watched it (dont tell him I told you!) as did our family and friends. These two really know what they are doing and they are worth every penny!
Services used: Videography