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1. Confirm all of your vendor service agreements 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding day, especially if you've had any changes from the initial booking.

2. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Especially on the day of the wedding. Put someone in charge of details such as verifying, transporting or coordinating. Read through your list and assign everything!
3. Pack and bring along a "Bride's emergency kit". Include items such as extra panty hose, clear nail polish (for runs), asprin, tissue, static cling spray, a sewing kit, and safety pins. A kit for the groom might include mouthwash, a comb, cologne, and a razor.
4. Have attendantsarrive early in order to get dressed and avoid any worry about being on time.
5. If you have a young ring bearer, wait to give the pillow to him until just before he begins down the aisle. Have an adult carry the actual rings.
6. If your gown has a train, practice walking and turning in it so you're not stepping on it. Once you put it on, don't eat, drink, smoke, or apply make-up. If you do need a drink, it's best to use a straw, and be very careful!
7. Bring along a phone list with you. Include the numbers of all those participating in the wedding, vendors, and family members from both sides.
8. Nervous stomach or not, eat something before the wedding. Have someone pick up a sandwich or veggie tray to share with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You do not want to faint in front of everyone.
9. Decide on the order of events for the reception in advance, and be sure you have gone over and provided a copy of this list with the wedding coordinator and/or the DJ the week of the wedding day.
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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.



So my FI hasn't talked to his father in years, and has never admired his father at all. I guess it was about 3 years ago that his father called on his birthday and wished for him to go to hell. He's not really fond of his mother either. The only person in his family that he still considers family is his brother and nephew.


This all started when we were talking about a guy we know. His last name is funk. I find it to be one of the neatest last names I know. The man's name is Virgil, and that's not a name I really care for, but when you put it with Funk, it's awesome. I want a last name like that too. I wanna be the Funks. :)

So we decided it would be really cool to change our name when we get married.

He doesn't want to carry his father's name and give him that privelidge, and I'm not going to keep my name because I would feel like some women's right activist or something. I've always knew I would change my name and I feel like I should.

Now we have to try to come up with some really cool last name.I need something as cool as The Funks. So that no matter what horrible name I name my children or what horrible name my FDIL would name her children, it's still awesome. If you got any suggestions, please make a comment. I would love to hear them.


Update: We talked with Virgil and he thinks it's pretty cool that we want to change our name to Funk. So we will now be The Funks when we get married.

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Date: February 29th, 2012. We'll go to the JOP and get the license that day. We'll have the bridal party and parents there for that. The wedding will be the following Saturday in March. I plan on making that day the same as if we never went to the JOP.

Venue: I've looked at so many in Wichita Falls and haven't found one that has most of what I want. I'm wanting to stay under $25 a guest, which won't be that hard if I can stay in this area. I do want to have my ceremony and reception in the same spot, and not at a church.

Time: evening

Colors: Red, charcoal, and magenta.

Starting the planning photo 3

Monogram: DIY. Already working on it! Also using the saying "Love you More Today" It's something personal for us and means a lot to me.

STD's: Made 2 year planners as my Save The Dates. Everyone loved them. I gave them a fun theme. I want the rest of the wedding to feel romantic, but I didn't feel the STD's really had to follow that suit.

Invitations: A DIY project. Can't wait to start on them! Pocketfolds, I plan on ordering already cut and folded. I'll do the rest to match the programs.

Programs:Another DIY to do. I want all my stationery to match.

Thank you notes: you know it already, a DIY. It's just easier and cheaper to DIY it all.

MOH and Bridesmaids: My MOH is my best friend for over 20 years. She's been absolutely amazing. My bridesmaids are my sister-in-law and my aunt. I"m thinking of adding a fourth. I wish it was appropriate for my mother to be one. She is soooo special to me. I am already in the process of buying gifts for them. I am getting them an wedding day survival kit, doing jewelry for them, and probably dress and shoes too.

BM and GM: no idea! Hopefully my brother and his brother in there somewhere. I am getting them personalized shoes. I love the look of this wedding and the shoes the groom and groomsmen are wearing inspried me.

Starting the planning photo 4

Flower girl: None! So I'm putting out some petals in a pattern on the carpet then having a basket with petals in it. Giving them to guests with my programs and having them "make a wish" and throw them in the center aisle directed by the officiant.  I will probably have something like this down too.

edit: that's the trouble with planning so far in advance... sometimes other things come up. I have a new niece that will now be my flower girl. I kind of miss the other plan, but I will have to have her there.

Starting the planning photo 5

Ring Bearer: 2, mine will be my nephew, his will be his nephew



License: Going to do the Twogether in Texas for $60 off my wedding license. I'm kinda excited about it actually.

Photographer: Haven't chose anyone yet, but this is where I'm willing to pass out the money. I want the best pictures I can get to remember my day. I didn't think I was gonna get a videographer, but after seeing a few post about it here on PW, I will work to fit it into the budget.

Reception: Terrified here!!!! I need entertainment ideas. I don't want people to be bored and leave early. I don't think anyone dances and I'm so lost at what to do.

Flowers: probably faux flowers and a major DIY project. I do plan to make the pomander balls and hang them from Sheppard hook at the ceremony, and to save money, I will have some people take them and put them upside down on vases and such in the reception room during the cocktail hour.

Starting the planning photo 6   Starting the planning photo 7    Starting the planning photo 8

Bouquets: I want mine to be rounded with roses, hydrangeas, gerber daisies, and more with red and magenta. My MOH and BM's will carry red mixed flowers. I'm thinking of adding the charcoal feathers to the bottom. The bouquets will be reused during the reception as centerpieces.

Starting the planning photo 9   Starting the planning photo 10  Starting the planning photo 11

Cake: Going to try to DIY this one too. It's alot of money for a cake. Don't worry, my plan is to practice way in advance and see what I can do. If it's not possible, I'll break down and buy.

Starting the planning photo 12

Favors: I do plan on having a photobooth, and I will try to think of something more.

Uplighting: I really hope it's in the budget. It seems to make such a difference.

Starting the planning photo 13        Starting the planning photo 14

Music: I'm thinking about the IPOD option. I'm really lost on this. IT might be better to go with a DJ since I am so lost. My MOH knows one personally so I might be able to get a discount.

Photobooth: I'm really wanting to do a photobooth. I think it will add a lot of fun to the reception.

Caterer: I may have to DIY this as well. I was really hoping I wouldn't need to, but budget is tight and I can't find another option at the time.

Bar: FI's mother owns a bar, so I'm hoping to be able to let her supply the alcohol and have someone else serve. I want to have a nice red sangria, a purple drink of some kind, rum and coke (my Fi's favorite), and of course beer.

edit: Now that my FI says he's no longer going to talk to his Mom and doesn't want me to invite her, I don't know about the bar. I really want a bar, but may have to cut if it's not in the budget.

Will work on this more later....

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Just engaged photo 1


wedding planning


The engagment story:

as told by Chris:

She had been on vacation for a week with her nephew Blake, her Best Friend Amber, and Amber's son- Blake. Before she left she had made sure everything was set to go. She spent at least two or three days preparing. My clothes were laid out for the whole week. I went to the fridge and it was packed. Sodas, tea, water, and milk. Twelve Gallon size baggies full of food, drinks and snacks. Each one labeled. (Monday- Lunch, Moday- snacks and dinner, Tuesday- lunch, Tuesday -snacks and dinner, etc.) There was nothing to do. Dinners had been prepared and put into microwavable containers with instructions. In each bag was a note. The notes escalated every day in length and saying how much she was missing me. On the counter in the kitchen was oatmeal packets and the measuring cup, poptarts and the toaster, bagels and a butter knife, cereal with bowl and my favorite spoons, etc. She called every night and told me about the places they had gone that day and what they had seen. She made sure I had ate and that everything was fine. She's that awesome, and I knew that I really should ask her to marry me.

We had been dating for 6 and a half years. I knew she was dying for me to ask her to get married. She had a document saved on the computer of all of her favorite rings. She had made me swear not to buy her an expensive ring because she never wore jewelry much and was afraid of losing it. So when I got paid that Friday I went to a store and bought her a ring under $350. I knew she would love it.

All sorts of different scenerios ran through my head. Hiding the ring in a balloon and having the floor covered in them when she came home. A fancy dinner with the ring hidden in dessert. The old faithful, down on one knee in some public place. Mailing it to her at the hotel she was staying, but then I wouldn't get to see her happiness. I actually made myself sick trying to find the right romantic way to ask her.

Before I ever figured out the best option it was Friday night and she was home. I never figured out what way to propose, but I had promised her a surprise over the phone. I knew she would ask for it. She sat down on the couch with me, it was about 10 at night. She told me all the wonderful things and showed me the pictures she had taken on her camera. I could tell she was excited to be home, but it wasn't long that she piped in, what's my surprise? I hadn't had enough planning, so in the spur of the moment, I got off the couch and down on one knee. I pulled the ring from my pocket where I had been keeping it for the entire day and asked.

The biggest smile ran across her face from cheek to cheek and I knew that even though I really didn't want to do the big wedding thing, it was going to be worth it. She, of course, immediately said yes.

For a few moments after she was silent. Then asked "For real?" and I said yes "My wedding?" and I again said yes. She probably asked a few more times, and I kept reassuring her. Then she looks at me and says, "Oh I gotta tell my MOM!!!"

The End

My addition to what happened that night:

After he told me I was so excited. I had been exhausted after the vacation and the eight hour drive home, but couldn't stand going to bed after such great news. My Mom just HAD to know THAT night. He couldn't go with me to my Mom's because he had to be at work at 6 the next morning. I was going to go solo. It didn't matter. After seeing him to bed I ran out the door. I jumped in the car and started for my mom's house. I was shaking from excitment and got concerned I couldn't make it the 40 miles. So just a few blocks down the road from my house is my Aunt's. She works nights and it was her day off. I knew she would be up, but nonetheless I called her first. When I parked, she was at the door and I ran to her and showed her the ring. She was so happy for me and insisted on driving me to see my Mom. I was glad she did. I knew my mom was still up because at 8:30ish when I dropped my nephew off there, she had some company and I knew they might be gone by now, but that she hadn't went to bed yet. My sister-in-law was also there staying that night because my brother was working, but she was REALLY sick (migranes and serious muscle weekness, not to mention the usualy flu symptoms) and when you're sick, there is noone better than my mom. So we headed there. On the way I called my BFF, Amber. I was worried I woke her up. I knew she was just as exhausted from the vacation as I was. She was totally estatic for me. We talked a bit, but the n I let her go. I was at my mom's house. I ran in and showed her. She hugged me and smiled such a great big smile. Jessica (my SIL) said, "It's about time!" She's been more pushy about me getting married than I have been. She wants me to have babies. We all jumped for joy, and stayed up late in the night talking about everything. It was so wonderful that I was able to share that night with all of my favorite people. My BFF Amber is my MOH, my Aunt, the first one who actually got to hear the news will be a BM and my SIL will also be a BM. My Mom, who I absolutely love beyond anything, my nephew was there, he will be my RB. And afterwards, when I went back to my home, I went to the store that my Grandmother was working at 2 in the morning and showed her too. It was a perfect night!