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First Bridal Show (July 2009)


I just got engaged on June 19, 2009. I've been looking at alot of different DIY projects. My mother is planning on fronting most of the money for the wedding, but I know she can't really afford any of it, so I'm trying to keep costs terribly low. I've been to a few wedding expos and ordered some pocketfolds and envelopes to start planning my invitations. I'm really excited to get started, but I'm so lost. Thankfully I have an amazing Maid of Honor that is there every step of the way to help, and a Mom that just doesn't use the word no. It's been so fun going with them and one of my bridesmaids to all the expos. The other BM wasn't able to go because of her work schedule. (And for the pics, I got the waiter to sit with my mom just to embarrass her for the fun of it. ;)

Just engaged photo 2Just engaged photo 3Just engaged photo 4Just engaged photo 5

      Maid of Honor           Mom and the Waiter                My BM          Me licking the glass clean

Just engaged photo 6Just engaged photo 7Just engaged photo 8Just engaged photo 9

My MOH (BFF for 19 years)       Me and my Mom         Me and my Aunt, my BM         All of us before our

                                                                                                                     first Bridal Expo

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I worked so hard on these. I am so excited to show you!!

Okay, first of all, just because I want them all presented together, here are my STD pics I took when I sent out my STD's in December.

Engagement Photos photo 1Engagement Photos photo 2

After that was done, I knew I really wanted more. We have such a crazy nerdy personality that I could display through pictures and I had a ton of ideas to make it happen. I wasn't sure if I would do them since it's really an extra cost and I'm on a crazy tight budget. BUT I found a deal on seizethedeal.com that I couldn't pass up. A local photographer that usually does shoots for $150 had them for $45.

I had some more taken by a photographer, J-Wood Photography.

She did a great job. My Fi was more than hesitant. To be honest, he reminded me of a grumpy little kid, but she made him comfortable in front of the camera and got some great pictures. She really helped me show his personality in the pictures as well. It helped that she was almost as nerdy as us :)

We did have tons of fun taking them. I had collected tons of inspiration photos and we used many. I even had a list of shots in order (i.e: outside in dress do these, inside in dress do these, outside in comic clothes do these, etc.) My photographer didn't think I was crazy at all. She actually appreciated the direction. She still had her own creavtiveness as well, it was just so we wouldn't miss any of my must haves in all the confusion of getting shots. And it was kind of a surreal moment of I didn't know what I was doing so I was glad to have it all written down. I realized if I'm this big of a mess on E-pic day, I'm going to look totally insane on my wedding day. I wish I would have taken a few more poses, but maybe I can get something similiar on our wedding day instead, and maybe (cross our fingers) my hair will actually stay curled that day it looks like such a hot mess in these pics.

So I'll stop teasing with all this talking.

Engagement Photos photo 3Engagement Photos photo 4Engagement Photos photo 5Engagement Photos photo 6Engagement Photos photo 7Engagement Photos photo 8Engagement Photos photo 9Engagement Photos photo 10Engagement Photos photo 11Engagement Photos photo 12Engagement Photos photo 13Engagement Photos photo 14Engagement Photos photo 15Engagement Photos photo 16Engagement Photos photo 17Engagement Photos photo 18Engagement Photos photo 19Engagement Photos photo 20Engagement Photos photo 21Engagement Photos photo 22

Engagement Photos photo 23Engagement Photos photo 24

Engagement Photos photo 25Engagement Photos photo 26

Engagement Photos photo 27Engagement Photos photo 28Engagement Photos photo 29Engagement Photos photo 30Engagement Photos photo 31Engagement Photos photo 32Engagement Photos photo 33

Engagement Photos photo 34Engagement Photos photo 35



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so far my DIY list

a cathedral veil

an elbow length veil

STD's (done and sent)

DIY List photo 1DIY List photo 2DIY List photo 3

guestbook pages (to put together after the wedding). I love dodgercpkl's.

DIY List photo 4DIY List photo 5




thank you cards

bride and groom signs

reserved signs

water bottle covers

favor tags

tears of joy packets

photobooth signs

bar signs

vow cards

favors (i don't know what yet)

flower or fabric pomanders for ceremony

flower centerpieces

bouquets for all girls and me

bouts for all guys

crosage for my mom and grandmas

flower girl basket

photobooth and props

BM totes with day of survival kits

name hangers for BM's and GM's

Wine glasses for BM's and GM's

GM gifts

BM dresses

Bridal Party shirts or robes

my bracelet and earrings

bling my shoes

my make-up



cake topper (kind of a DIY) (I have to look up what I want and have someone else do the art)

memory candles

make photo must have list

make timeline

make music playlist

make don't forget list

Order GM shoes or make them

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Welcome photo 1

Welcome to my bio.

I love the PW community and love to share all my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

I do have just a few pages private for friends only, but feel free to SNOOP all that you want.

In the beginning of my PW days, I wasn't the best at giving credit where credit is due. If I've used one of your pics and you would like to yell at me, rip my eyes out, or just get credit, please let me know. (I really perfer the latter option.)

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I gave out my STD's!!!!!!

I'm still over a year out, but wanted to give people something since everyone has known we were engaged for a year and half now.

I made calendars for everyone as my STD's; two year planners to be more exact. It was something fun and unusual and everyone has loved them. I sent them out at the beginning of the year. It is still (at this time) one year and 3 months until my wedding) 

So without further ado, here they are. :)


I gave my loved ones STD s photo 1

me working so hard on them.

I gave my loved ones STD s photo 2I gave my loved ones STD s photo 3

             I made about 75 of them.                                  I even marked the date in each one.


I gave my loved ones STD s photo 4 <---- the picture on the front of the calendar

I gave my loved ones STD s photo 5 <----- the picture on the back

These were so much fun. It took a little bribery to get the FI in on it, but once we got downtown and started doing it, he kinda enjoyed it. So many people stopped what they were doing in the middle of thier day to see us take these pictures. It was sooo fun.



These were super simple to make.

I ordered the calendars from Oriental Trading. It doesn't matter which ones you order because you are just going to throw the covers away. I did make sure that the ones I ordered came with the stickers to use for important reminders. I liked the extra touch.

When they came in I was super excited. I took the plastic cover off of all of them and then took off the cardboard cover that was stapled to each calender. I didn't rip out the staples because they hold all the months together. I just ripped off the cover and any little bits of cardboard that stayed under the staple. To be honest, you don't have to do even that. I just didn't want the other cover to be there.

Next I measured for my picture size. 6.5" wide by 3.55" per picture. I cropped the pictures close to that size and added the wording I wanted using Microsoft Word or Microsoft publisher I think. I might have used the free downloadable Open Office Suite. (My computer was down so I was using a friend's, and I don't remeber what we had to use.) Then turn one picture upside down and put the top (now bottom) of that picture with the top of the other picture. Line them up and viola!

I took the measurements, a calendar with the plastic, and cropped pictures to kinkos and they did the hard work for me; making it exact. But you can use the ruler at the top and sides of Microsoft word, publisher, or whatever to get the measurements right. Trial and error isn't that hard. Just be sure to print them off only one at a time and try them on a full run, wrapped around a calendar and inside the plastic. Once you get it right, then print them all out and cut the extra paper off. I used a paper cutter for that part because I'm not exactly a great straight line cutter.

Then fold the pictures at the center line where the two pictures come together and put them in the plastic. I didn't staple the calendar to the picture because I didn't want a staple showing. I just put my picture in the plastic and then in then a page of the calendar in the plastic. There was a blank page on the outside of the calendar that worked perfectly for securing it into the plastic without having to interrupt the function of the calendar.

Next I marked my wedding day in each calendar using a red marker, and packed them in an envelope for the mail. With the spirit of my pictures, I didn't go incredibly formal and just hand wrote the addresses and used some plain white envelopes. It cost a little extra to ship them, but not much. I think my shipping total was under 75 cents each.

If you have any questions please shoot me a PM and I will be happy to answer. :)

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Tips for a Great Reception


Here are 15 things you've probably never thought of.  It is rare that all these items are followed in any given event but the more you can adhere to them, the more likely your party will be at full steam come closing time.

1) Don't put the older guests next to the dance floor speakers.

2) Your entertainer should be visible.  Good entertainers will work to get people on the dance floor but they should be part of the action.

3) Ending a party before it winds down leaves everyone with the impression the floor was packed all night.  It just feels better when people are left wanting a little more versus being completely burned out.

4) A smaller dance floor is better than one that is too big.  Why?  The answer is simple: It creates the impression, whether real or not, that the floor is full.  People are more likely to dance when the crowd on the floor is dense than when they feel like they are the only ones out there.  

5) Less light is better for dancing.  People feel less "on-stage" when they think they're harder to see.

6) Keep exit doors closed but unlocked.  Open doors invite people to leave the main room and allow more light into the room which again works against the mood of the dance floor.

7) Extravagant scenery and facilities can distract your guests, actually making it harder to keep their attention on the dance floor.  They will want to wander off and explore.


8) Bars should always be located in the same room as the dance floor.  When located in another room, bars draw a large number of guests away from the entertainment. 

9) If you're going to close the bar for any period of time, do it during dinner.  Closing the bar later in the evening, signals the guests it's time to leave.

10) Select music that is upbeat.  You may have favorite that are very touching, but may create a saddened mood in guests.  Happy music keeps things going. 

11) A professional DJ is a great help in finding a perfect balance of music.  People dance to what they know.  A wedding reception is not the best time and place to show your friends and family that you're into obscure music.  Your guests will be of differing tastes so allow a broad enough selection so everyone can have a good time.

12) Your DJ has arrived early to your event and will not leave until hours after the party is over.  A serving of food at the DJ booth during dinner would be greatly appreciated.  There will be no consumption of alcohol at any time by the DJ or his staff.

13) People tend to remember the beginning and the end of an event.  That's why your DJ should introduce the bridal party.  It helps build rapport early on, and when done with energy and enthusiasm, sets a mood of excitement.

14) It is best for any traditional events or speeches to occur before dancing begins, this includes pictures of the bridal party.  

15) Don't compromise on the entertainment when looking for ways to cut costs.  You need a professional with many years of experience who can be relied upon to make your wedding memorable.