Oct 09, 2010

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Bird Cage and Ring box photo 1Bird Cage and Ring box photo 2

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Our photographer was Alfred Salom Photography :) They were awesome!! We took our pictures all over SF..

Hotel Whitcomb, Haight Street @ Amoeba Records and near by parks and coffee shops:)

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Photographer: Alfred & Emma Salom

Music: Temper Trap


Enjoy... Turn up your speakers:)


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Welcome photo 1

Hi PW Family! Welcome to my page. It is still under construction since I am new. I am very excited meeting new friends on here..... u guys are awesome!


Welcome photo 2

Happy Planning!


About US:


We met in College @ DeVry University in Fremont, CA in 2001 but didn't start hanging out until after graduation in 2004. One of our first memories was dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and giong to vegas with the crew where we were hiding our interest for one another until our friend Rob ( Best Man) got me to spill our "secret fling" infront of everyone after a few shots too many of patron...


... and the rest is history.. Now officially going to Tie the knot after 6 wonderful years


Welcome photo 3





Morning of January 16- he tied my E-ring on our 5lb Yorkshire Terrier collar and had him wake me up by licking my face, when I woke up I saw this bow with my "BLING" and he got down on his knees next to the bed and asked me to marry him :)



Our baby Gomi Bear


Welcome photo 4

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Colors: Brown/Rustic Orange/Pink


Inspiration photo 1Inspiration photo 2




Cupcakes: I will have a 6inch Ivory cake for us to cut


Inspiration photo 3


Our Cake Topper


Inspiration photo 4 we just ordered it on Etsy and should get the final product in a few weeks:) But this is the design she created for us:) love it!!






I will have some tall ones and some short ones

Will have Orange and Green cymbidium orchids and dark brown branches


Inspiration photo 5Inspiration photo 6

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Brides Golf Club -San Ramon Ceremony photo 1Ceremony photo 2