Nov 09, 2008

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I have a couple of items that I used for the wedding that are up for grabs (southern california pick up).


Freebies photo 1

*Wooden Initials* (Sorry bad picture, but you can see them at the bottom "K" and "H" are small "T" is larger)

Freebies photo 2

*2 "Love" Signs* (I used them for the candy buffet table) **Taken**

Freebies photo 3

More to come!!

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Cake, Candy Buffet, Flower Decor......

Little Details photo 1Little Details photo 2Little Details photo 3Little Details photo 4

Little Details photo 5Little Details photo 6Little Details photo 7

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Just a few pictures from my Bridal Party!!

Bridal Party photo 1Bridal Party photo 2Bridal Party photo 3Bridal Party photo 4Bridal Party photo 5Bridal Party photo 6Bridal Party photo 7Bridal Party photo 8Bridal Party photo 9Bridal Party photo 10

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Here are some official wedding pictures. I received the album also and it looks great. I will post more pictures and also try to get a link the the video.


Official Wedding Pixs photo 1Official Wedding Pixs photo 2


Official Wedding Pixs photo 3Official Wedding Pixs photo 4Official Wedding Pixs photo 5Official Wedding Pixs photo 6Official Wedding Pixs photo 7Official Wedding Pixs photo 8Official Wedding Pixs photo 9

Official Wedding Pixs photo 10Official Wedding Pixs photo 11 Official Wedding Pixs photo 12 Official Wedding Pixs photo 13 Official Wedding Pixs photo 14 Official Wedding Pixs photo 15 Official Wedding Pixs photo 16 Official Wedding Pixs photo 17 Official Wedding Pixs photo 18Official Wedding Pixs photo 19Official Wedding Pixs photo 20Official Wedding Pixs photo 21Official Wedding Pixs photo 22

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~~~For Sale~~~

Final sell on items!!


~*VASES*~ There are 8 of each (I will get sizes soon) $3.00 for each square, medium or large rectangular         **Sale Pending**                              

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2

~*Tealight Holders*~ 24 holders $4.00 for all

For Sale photo 3

~*Baskets*~ 2 small baskets (used for labels for the manzanita branches) $ 2.00 each

 For Sale photo 4


~*Easels*~ 7 easels used for candy buffet table, wishing tree table and portrait table ($1.00 each) *Sale Pending**

For Sale photo 5    For Sale photo 6

~*Table Number Holders*~ 8 holders (clear square bottom) *I will get a better picture* $1.50 eachFor Sale photo 7 For Sale photo 8 


~*Candy Buffet Jars*~ All different shapes and sizes (I will get better pictures) $6.00 each large jar/vase, $3.00 for small

For Sale photo 9  For Sale photo 10  For Sale photo 11  For Sale photo 12

~*Candy Scoops*~ Clear, all sizes (10 scoops) $8.00 for all *Sale Pending*

For Sale photo 13  For Sale photo 14


~*Vases*~ 2 cylinder vases $4.00

For Sale photo 15

* 8 Shepherd hooks (they were made custom, to be able to hold heavy lanterns and be able to be placed on hard surface (not grass). This object is a little expensive, but since they were custom made, I couldn't go cheaper (pick up only). $20.00 each

For Sale photo 16

* 8 Lanterns (painted black) $6.00 each

For Sale photo 17

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Finally on November 9th I married my best friend. They day went by so fast, but I enjoy every second. Everything turned out beautiful and I can wait to see the video. Here are a few picture that my SIL took. ENJOY!!

Big Day photo 1Big Day photo 2Big Day photo 3Big Day photo 4Big Day photo 5Big Day photo 6Big Day photo 7Big Day photo 8