Apr 15, 2011

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Here we are:


Still friends, playing cards by the beach. This picture has my friend Ozzie beside me but FI cropped and save it tagging this "Our First Picture Together". I just got this from him.

US Together photo 1


Us over the years:

US Together photo 2 US Together photo 3

US Together photo 4 US Together photo 5

US Together photo 6 US Together photo 7

US Together photo 8 US Together photo 9

US Together photo 10


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He Said:

“I was the newly hired developer who was never deterred to let myself known to everyone. I was on my usual place, happily standing in a corner, waiting for my chance to crack my jokes during our daily devotion. Standing on the far end in front of me, was the girl I tagged as “Not the Girl for Me” because her aura and sophistication makes me feel that I do not deserve her.

I was waiting for the devotion to start when she caught me staring at her. My usual self, assumed that she will look away, however she gave me her most beautiful smile as if approving on what I wore that day. (I usually wear baggy pants and shirts, but decided to look professional that day and even put a gel on my hair – maybe because at the back of my mind I am trying to get her attention. =)) My heart gave a big “Thud” when I saw that smile. Right then and there, my feelings flourished.”


She Said:

“I first take notice of him because of his laughter. I tagged him as “Loud and Noisy”. We became friends and have been hanging out with the same circle of friends on the same company after 4-6months. It’s as if the party is not complete if he is not present. I feel safe when he is around and feel special during those “gimiks”.

At first we hang-out with our friends then after 8 months of being friends we decided to give it a try. He laid down his cards and asked me to be his girlfriend.

I asked:”What’s in it for me?”

He told me: “Give me one month and I’ll prove it to you. I’ll make you happy. I’ll ask you again after a month.”

I told him “Yes”

The month passed but I forgot our deal and he didn’t mention it.

I’ve been happy since then.