Apr 19, 2008

Shin Bu
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I cannot rave enough about Shin Bu... after my dress maker cancelled my dress 2 months before my wedding because she was so busy setting up her own line (she should have known NEVER to take my order), I desperately asked one of my friends for a referral and I scheduled an appointment with Shin Bu. At the meeting, they took the time to listen to everything I had to request for the dress, measured me right away, and said yes to helping me even though their dresses typically take over 6 months to make. I had 8 weekends to fly/drive from Las Vegas (wedding locale) to Los Angeles to finish all required 8 fittings. Every visit was more pleasant than the previous as we got to know each other. Each visit was a progress to a dress I had dreamt of. I loved how customized my dress was, even though it was ultimately a rental. Looking at my scoliosis and noticing that one side was higher than the other, the designer was awesome in actually making one side shorter - can you believe it!!! No detail was spared: I got the veil I wanted, all the jewelry to wear for the night, the undercoat, everything. Nothing was spared, everything was drop dead gorgeous, if I should say so myself! I love, love, love, Shin Bu and would recommend it to everyone who asks! Oh, I forgot one detail that makes them even more of heroes to me! On the Thursday prior to my Saturday wedding, my bridesmaid was supposed to pick up the dress and found out that the electricity at their shop had gone out and so what did he do? He took my partly made dress, ran to his home to finish the dress, and had it back in time as agreed for her to pick up the finished product. AND, they didn't mess up/forget a single thing! LOVE.
Services used: Dress & Attire

Galleria Wedding Group
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Please don't go here. I was pushed to get rental bridesmaids dresses by a dressmaker who cancelled my dress 2 months before my wedding (see my review on Shin Bu 4/23/08). As we were cancelling our wedding gown transaction, she also said she couldn't make any of my bridesmaids' dresses and that I should go with Wedding Galleria. The worst decision I have made... the poor things! After waiting 2 weeks after Galleria Wedding said they were going to call, I decided to give them a ring and see what needed to be done. They asked for all the girls' measurements and I gave it to them. My sister is a size 4-6 but they insisted that she is a 16 and made her pay extra for having it rush ordered. It cost each dress $250 for dresses that arrived 2 weeks before the wedding - THEY COULD HAVE GOTTEN REGULAR SHIPPING!!! Second, why did they make every girl order 3 or 4 size larger than them? Because all they were concerned with was making each dress marketable and adjustable for future rentals. Third, one of my bridesmaids had to BUY her gown because they said they'd never rent out that large a size to anyone, ever. Fourth, all the girls were trying to get measured so that they would alter it. They were told no, that they would contact them when THEY were ready to do the alterations. Well, this didn't happen until 3 days before my wedding. Results? One was WAAAYY to tight, the other waay to big but not enough flipped around to where it was a mistake of cross-measurements. Fifth, when they were told this, they did not apologize, did not offer anything, and still looked at them up and down like most of the pretentious Korean places are - and I am Korean so I know. After this I really have grown a distaste for everyone there. Not once did I feel, or were my girls treated with respect for all the money they were spending for them to be able to rent them out again. BIG mistake. I thank the skies for not having my bridal gown with them but I do feel terrible for all the inconveniences my bridesmaids were put through by Wedding Galleria. BAD, BAD, BAD. Please do not patron.
Services used: Unique Services