Nov 06, 2010

House of Brides
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I called to ask if HOB had a particular bridesmaids dress and if I needed an appointment to try it on. Without answering my question, the woman said they had the dress and made me an appointment to come right away. After driving for an hour to get to the store, the women at the desk could not find my appointment and acted like they never heard of me, even though no one else was in the store. Then they asked if I was buying the dress. I said I wanted to try it on since I'd never seen it, as I said when I called. They secretly whispered to each other and made me feel as if I'd asked for a kidney. Finally, one woman said right this way, took me back and found the dress, then said "we don't allow people not registered here to see or try on a dress" as she held the dress. She wouldnt even let me look at it. Why couldn't they have told me this over the phone? Or at the front desk? Or not been incredibly rude and insulting? As that happened, a woman came in and said she just wanted to look at wedding dresses. They took her back and helped her right away, but basically threw me out. Not only will I not buy anything from them, I'll be sure no one I know ever does either!
Services used: Dress & Attire