Jun 13, 2009

Bear Flag Farm
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
One look at the photos from other Bear Flag Farm weddings, and it's clear that the farm is an amazing location. After our engagement, the first thing my wife and I agreed was that we wanted our wedding to be outdoors and in California. When my wife found out about Bear Flag Farm, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. The different parts of the property (vineyards, lavender fields, a sycamore grove, an orchard, and numerous lawns) make it easy to custom tailor the farm to fit your vision. What's not readily apparent when you look at the photos, is that when you decide to have your wedding at Bear Flag Farm, you get the pleasure of working with Tina Reikes. Tina and her husband own the farm and in addition to tending the farm, Tina acts as your personal event planner. She has a deep network of relationships with vendors all around the area. She gets down to business right from the beginning and helps you work out a budget and then, she presents all sorts of ideas for you to get the wedding you want within your budget. She knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the area vendors and she's not afraid to use her relationships to get things done. We had some trouble getting certain vendors to call us back. One call to Tina and the vendor was ready to set a meeting with us. When we wanted to bring our parents up to see the property, we needed to find a nearby hotel that would let us stay with our dogs. Tina not only gave us some recommendations, but she got us a discount rate too. All of our family and friends were located in Los Angeles. This added an additional complication to both the logistics of planning the wedding and to the wedding itself. Some meetings required us to travel (e.g., tasting with the caterer), but Tina went out of her way to make it as easy for us as possible. On one occasion, she flew down to L.A. and her and my wife spent the day visiting vendors who had offices in both L.A. and the Bay Area. When it came to the actual wedding day, transporting our 170+ guests from hotels in downtown Napa to Bear Flag Farm (about 40 minutes away) was a snap. Tina had complete control of the chaos of organizing all the vendors, from tents to a 12 piece band, and getting all the guests there and in their seats on time. I was shocked when I arrived at the site on the wedding day to find that Tina knew exactly how many guests were on each of the three shuttle buses we had arranged. No detail was missed. In short, we had a pretty complicated set up. We had to plan the event from another city and then, we had to plan for the fact that every single attendee, including us, was from out of town. Everything turned out perfectly and the whole experience was better than we could have expected. As I write this, the wedding was almost 9 months ago, and people still tell us it was the best wedding they've ever been to.
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