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Friday, August 13, 2010, Joe and I were snuggling on the sofa watching tv and it was just the two of us (his roommate moved out earlier that day). We were having a really nice time and I told him "Now would be the perfect time to propose. It's really intimate and sweet and it's just us." He told me a story about a coworker that, little did I know at the time was a LIE, was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend that day. Joe said he mentioned to the coworker that it would be Friday the 13th and I rolled my eyes and told him I didn't believe in that superstition. He took that as his cue and told me he was going to go play guitar for a few minutes while I finished watching Say Yes To The Dress. He goes into his bedroom "to play guitar" all the while he is in his bathroom putting the finishing touches to his plan. A few minutes later he comes back with a scrapbook panel of us that I made and brought over and showed him earlier. He sits down next to me and says "Babe, I really like this." We begin flipping through it together and I notice that his hands were shaking a little. I asked him why he was shaking and he says "I'm not" and holds out a hand that shakes and I'm like "whatever". When we got to the end he had detached my page and attached the scrapbook page he made for our engagement. I don't realize what is going on and I'm looking at the page confused. (It doesn't occur to me that he could be proposing because he's been telling me to expect it around March 2011.) Then, he gets on one knee and pulls out the ring and asks me to marry him. That is all I remember him saying because I was beyond shocked. Later he told me he had a speech planned out but he forgot it all the moment he got on one knee. I immediately started bawling, and continued crying for the next 20 minutes. I must have asked him "Really?" "Are you serious?" "Are you sure?" like 10 tiimes each and he just kept smiling and saying yes. After 20 minutes I forced myself to stop crying because his mom wanted a cell phone pic of me holding the ring next to my face (his bro got the same pic of his fiancee two months earlier.).

Without further ado, here are some pictures.

The scrapbook wall hanging I made. The last one is the page he made.

Will You Marry Me photo 1Will You Marry Me photo 2Will You Marry Me photo 3Will You Marry Me photo 4Will You Marry Me photo 5Will You Marry Me photo 6Will You Marry Me photo 7

Will You Marry Me photo 8 <- the horrible cell phone pic, but I'm glad we have it.

Will You Marry Me photo 9Will You Marry Me photo 10Will You Marry Me photo 11Will You Marry Me photo 12

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I'm not planning a wedding yet but I thought I'd collect my favorite ideas all in one place. No harm in that right?

Inspiration photo 1

(courtesy of Ms. SC)

I love the idea of a wish book instead of a guest book.

Inspiration photo 2

(courtesy of Almost_a_Mrs)

I'm considering this fortune teller type of program.

Inspiration photo 3

(courtesy of jessiepilot)

Inspiration photo 4 I love this idea from FarmBride.


http://www.projectwedding.com/biography/list/Tovaqt <-- link to Tovaqt's bio cuz there are just too many awesome ideas it would take me FOREVER to copy and paste them all! Thanks Tami =]

*I'm an avid right clicker, so if I don't give you credit where it is deserved just let me know and I'll be happen to fix it =]

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Joe moved to Louisiana when he was 9. I knew him as "the new kid" because he started late in my 4th grade class and he knew me as the "tall girl". From 4th grade through the majority of 10th grade we were just acquantances. We only really got to know each other during Sophomore year of high school. In the fall semester we had 2 classes together and in the spring we also had 2 classes together. In the fall we had French together and, as I later found out, foreign language wasn't his strong suit. So, as he tells it, he found the smartest, cutest girl in the class to ask for help and came over to my desk. We joked around in class and that was pretty much it. Then, in the spring we had computer science together and through some strange organizational method, the teacher sat us next to each other. During that class we joked all the time and we both started liking the other. One day, I came to class and I pulled my shirt collar to the side to show him how badly sunburned my shoulder was. I later found out that all Joe kept thinking about was how sexy my shoulder was. lol. I didn't know shoulders could be sexy. At one point he mentioned that we should go see some movie together that we both wanted to see and I didn't realize he was asking me so I never accepted. Then, he asked again and I was so nervous (I hadn't had a bf yet.) that I lied and said my Dad had grounded me. He tried again (what I later learned was his last attempt) and I accepted. We went to the movie and it was fun. At that point summer was almost upon us and he had never asked me out because he knew that he would be moving to Michigan in a month. However, that didn't stop us from hanging out every waking minute that we had together that summer. It eventually came time for him to go and after dating less than a month (22 days to be exact) we decided to go long distance. The first 2 years of our relationship was long distance, which is a feat in and of itself, but to be going through it as high school students is just impressive. Needless to say it worked out and he came down to Louisiana for college. Now, I'm just waiting to say YES!!

EDIT: I said yes on 8-13-10!

Colorado Summer 2009   Our Story photo 1

Our Story photo 2 Our Story photo 3 Our Story photo 4 Our Story photo 5 Our Story photo 6