Nov 20, 2010

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The day of our engagement shoot, was awful.  We had planned to do the shoot in the hills overlooking God's beautiful creation.  However, Nature had other plans; it started to rain while I was getting my hair done.   Everything was going good earlier in the morning, photographer (Acrobat) was available, makeup artist was available and even though husband to be didn't want to shave for the day, he secretly went and had it done (hehehe) to surprise me :)

So due to rain we had to change location and luckily we chanced it and utilize our imagination.  Love working with my team (photographer and makeup artist). Sadly my hair wasn't happy with the weather and immediately went flat, all the curls went like candy in front of a child lol.

Anyway here's the pics.

Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4Engagement Pictures photo 5Engagement Pictures photo 6Engagement Pictures photo 7Engagement Pictures photo 8Engagement Pictures photo 9Engagement Pictures photo 10Engagement Pictures photo 11Engagement Pictures photo 12Engagement Pictures photo 13Engagement Pictures photo 14Engagement Pictures photo 15Engagement Pictures photo 16Engagement Pictures photo 17Engagement Pictures photo 18

Engagement Pictures photo 19

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I'm an island girl who loves to do everything spectacular.  Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Been through rough (ruff) relationships but managed to learn from them in order to survive in a good relationship.  Fell in love with the love of my life and now I'm getting married.

I love the world of fashion and event planning but my true passion is helping the sick, if only there was a balance where I could do both.  I was so eager to plan my wedding that I got majority of the planning done from the first month of engagement.  My babe had bought me a Martha Stewarts wedding organizer and tuns of bridal magazines to assist me lol, he's so sweet. Even though he's busy at work daily, he still finds time to assist me with planning.


I hope to have a wonderful wedding and praying it doesn't rain on the day, especially when its being held on the mountain top lol.