Oct 24, 2009

( 4.4 / 5.0 )
My husband and I got married last year in October and during the planning process, we found Ms. Young at a San Jose wedding expo. Thankfully, we were able to narrow down our florist picks as soon as we met her. She has great customer service skills and is very knowledgeable in planning for a wedding. She had a variety of flower arrangements to pick from as well as an impeccable style and flair for the dramatics. And although there were some initial miscommunication issues between the look of the table arrangements, what she was able to produce for us was beautiful. I would advise that if/when you work with Young, that you are extremely clear and specific about what you would like to see for your wedding. I would give that advice to any couples who are planning their wedding and are working w/various vendors. Specificity is a must.

What I also like about Young is that when mistakes did occur, she was upfront and apologetic. This personality attribute meant a lot to my husband and I b/c in my experience, other vendors we had met along the way were typically unapologetic and hard to communicate with. Having a vendor take accountability for mistakes is important and I believe Young has these attributes. I believe it is her strength.

Young also showed an extreme amount of patience w/us, especially when my husband and I couldn't make up our minds about the floral arrangements. Her bouquets were also well made and beautiful. If you want to work w/someone who has great energy and is extremely friendly, I would absolutely recommend Young at De Young Flowers.

Services used: Flowers

Imperial Video Productions
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
What can I say about Vinny and Ivan that hasn't already been said????!!! Hands down, these two guys (as well as their assistants) have the most professional and social ettiquette I've ever seen. Prior to our first meeting, my husband and I had debated whether or not getting a videographer would be worth our time and money. Anyone who's had a wedding w/out a videographer will always tell you that the one thing they regretted most about their wedding was that they didn't have one. We certainly did not want to be a couple who followed that same trend, but at the same time, we were financially worried if we could incorporate this as part of our wedding. And then, upon meeting both Vinny and Ivan, we were convinced that these guys would be awesome. Not only was I lucky to see their work first hand (in a friend's wedding that happened 4 months prior), but their down-to-earth sensibility, coupled w/their kindness and expertise, had us hooked from the start. THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL THING! They absolutely know what they're doing and better yet, they work well w/other vendors. I was concerned at first, that our videographers and photographer might not get along, but all we witnessed throughout the entire wedding, was professionalism and real comraderie among vendors. No horror stories here! Plus, for what it's worth, these guys are totally worth it, financially. I did some research prior to booking these guys, just to compare and contrast prices, and they ultimately had the best deal. They had really impressive equipment (even my photographer said so). Some of my guests even commented that they felt like they were on a movie stage (but by no means, was it obtrusive). And here's the thing that impressed me the MOST about Imperial Productions----after our wedding was over, we had exchanged emails to follow-up on our feature video and slideshow. We were communicating about which songs to use and in the midst of it, there was some miscommunication (which can typically happen over email). Now I had worked w/several vendors for my wedding and in all instances, there was always a moment of miscommunication. But in those instances, most vendors either got defensive or made excuses or came off too agressive. And in my opinion, the test of someone's character plays a part in how someone receives feedback. When I brought up some feedback to Vinny, he was more than willing to hear me half way, to fix any issues and be genuninely apologetic. What more can you want in a wedding vendor???? Seriously. My husband and I have the utmost respect for these guys and will continue to refer them out to family/friend/colleagues/strangers as often as we can. Mainly, because we believe that the work they do is stunning, memorable and heartfelt. We wish you guys all the success in the world! Barbara and Bryant PS. And if this review doesn't convince to book them, just go to their site and check out the videos they've done in the past. I'm positive you'll be impressed.
Services used: Videography

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kathy Wilkerson is the best officiant you could ever pick to be apart of your wedding. My husband and I got married in October '09, and through my bridesmaid's research online, found Kathy through their Heartfelt Weddings website. As fate would have it, we had gone to 9 weddings last year (including our own) and saw 9 different officiants. By far, Kathy was the best one. I'm not just saying that b/c she had officiated our wedding, but b/c she was the most compassionate, down-to-earth and professional person we had met w/in the industry. She made our lives so easy by making us feel at home. She didn't even know us, prior to booking her as our officiant, but she has a magical way of making you feel like she's known you forever. When she officiated our wedding, she spoke w/such warmth and ease that we couldn't have asked for a better person to be apart of our wedding. I don't write that many reviews online, but I had to write one for Kathy. My bridal party, as well as the guests at our wedding would agree, that Kathy set the perfect tone for an unforgettable and amazing wedding. We couldn't have done it w/out you. Thank you, Barbara and Bryant Lee
Services used: Officiant