Feb 27, 2010

Glamour Closet
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I bought my Monique Lhullier wedding dress here for 40% of its retail value! While I was there, I found at least three other dresses I wanted to buy. The selection is fantastic --- tons of different styles and designers, though you may want to go a couple of times as the selection changes frequently and there may only be 10-15 dresses in your preferred style. The staff there is super helpful and friendly. I especially loved Jennifer Harter, who is helpful and has a great eye!
Services used: Dress & Attire

Katie B - Celebrity & Playboy Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist | Orange County Makeup Artist
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
katie b was way out of my price range, but absolutely worth it. i was pretty budget-conscious and relaxed about my wedding, meaning that i always chose the most budget-friendly vendor. but katie b's work is so good that i decided to splurge. she transforms you into the most beautiful version of yourself and the makeup/hair lasts throughout a very long, active day. my impression is that other makeup artists either 1) make you look great, but nothing like yourself, 2) make you look over-stylized/fake, and/or 3) have only one "look" which they try to impose on you and all your bridesmaids. katie b is versatile, and can do anything from subtle to dramatic. she listens to you carefully and gives you the look you want. she's patient and will revise and redo until you're pleased with the result. she and shaun and super friendly and easy to chat with. they're vendors you'll enjoy spending time with. and she's getting married soon -- congrats katie and shaun! best wishes on your wedding!
Services used: Beauty & Health

Music Phreek DJ & Lighting Services
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My fiancee and I both work in demanding, detail-oriented, high-stress jobs (corporate litigation and consulting). We felt so fortunate to have Vynce as our DJ/emcee/lighting coordinator because he approaches his work with that same level of intensity and professionalism. Why You Should Hire Vynce Professional and Reliable From the moment we hired him, Vynce was focused and determined to make our wedding perfect. Some wedding vendors are aggressive about getting selected, but disappear once the wedding contract is signed. Vynce was not that way at all. He was working hard for us from the minute we met him, through the days after the wedding. Vynce is also extremely reliable and responsive. Vynce usually responds w/in 2 or 3 hours to any email or voicemail, even responding from a family vacation in Hawaii. I think he must not sleep! Vynce is also easygoing and friendly. He's patient with you, through last-minute changes in schedule and music. He's also just fun to work with, which is important when you're spending an entire day with him. Great Energy Vynce also brings great energy to any party. His "dance-off" is a must-have at your wedding if you've got friends who like to perform. He's the right mixture of cruise-ship activities coordinator ("please take your seats", "please come to the dance floor", "did anyone lose a camera?") and fun, party-DJ. He got our guests laughing hysterically during the dance-off, and got everyone dancing and partying. He kept us on schedule and used music to create a great mood during every part of the wedding: ceremony, cocktails, dinner, etc. Value Vynce is great value for his money. He's really not just a DJ. He's a backup wedding coordinator, he's a mood-setter with his great mixes, and he's a consummate professional. His main focus is doing a great job, and he doesn't nickel-and-dime you or try to upsell you on more services. I really can't rave more about Vynce. He was such a great find!
Services used: DJ