Dec 05, 2009

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My name is Laura.  I never saw myself as the married type.  My girlfriends used to call me Samantha from Sex in the City because I would chew up boys and spit them out and never settle down.  My girlfriends are all a few years younger than me, which I liked and it always made me feel younger than what I was.  I was 27 and on the way to the beach with my best friend Sarah and I said to her...Sarah....I am 27 and I am going to have the best single summer ever. Flirt and have fun and no relationship.  That day we were standing at the bar ordering our typical frozen drink when these two guys start talking to us.  One of which was really cute!  His name was Chris and unbenounced to me, would be my future husband!  We exchanged numbers and talked on the phone for hours that night.  We went on our first date a few days later.  It was so perfect and we had permanant smiles on our face.  He wrote on the napkin that he was going to marry me with the date.  I still have that napkin.  A few months later, he proposed.  Not my dream proposal by any means!!!  We were at his family gathering at an italian restuarant and I knew this would not be the day because surely he would not do it infront of his family!  The dinner was over and I was happy that he did not propose.  Then the waitress brings a desert.  It was cannoli.  I really hate cannoli.  It is like a stale pastry with cream in it!  Yuck!  I politely said no and the waitress insisted that I try it because it was so good. Wierd right???  I put my fork in and wallah!  There was my 2 carat expensive ring sitting dead in the middle of a freaking canoli.  Did he really just propose to me in a canoli infront of his entire family???  Yes ladies!! I am not lying to you!  I guess no man is perfect lol but he is never going to live this one down.  We were engaged for almost 2 years when we finally tied the knot. We got married at the Grand Bohemian in Orlando, FL on December 05, 2009.    My wedding was absolutely beautiful.  I did not realize how beautiful it was until I watched the video because I was so sick that day!  I am not sure if it was the nerves getting to me or the fact that my girlfriends decided to throw me a suprise bachlorette party two days before and fed me 10 different kinds of liquor.  Our wedding was originally a night wedding, but with everything getting so expensive, we decided to switch it to day and that saved us quite a bit of money.  Then we were going to go out afterwards and party, but I was so sick I could not go out.  I was not able to eat anything at my wedding.  I tried one piece of cake and went right to the bathroom.  My day started super early.  The hair and make up people were supposed to come at 6:30a.m I was looking at the clock all night because my stomach was turning and I could not sleep.  I was up watching the clock and my phone rings at 5:50a.m Who the hell is calling me at this time???  My hair and make-up people and they are in the lobby and early!!!  I was so sick that I crawled in bed with my sister and made her spoon me for a minute and rub my belly to make me feel better.  The whole time I was getting hair and make up done I felt like I could get sick at any moment!!  It was so bad.  I could not believe it though...they did such an amazing job on my hair and make-up!  I was 100% happy with it and that is awesome.  My girlfriends helped me slip into my dress and guess what???  My seamstress forgot to put my corsette tie back into the bag!!!! OMG!!!!  The hotel pulled together and found a long piece of skinny ribbon.  Nothing like the thick ribbon the dress came with.  Thank god my dress had a piece in the back with crystals on it that covered the corsett or it would have been a nightmare!  Tied up with a skinny piece of ribbon feeling that my boobs could come popping out at any second because the ribbon gave way, I was off to take pictures.  Taking pictures and smiling when you feel like throwing up is one of the hardest things to do.  Thank god I do not look sick at all in my pictures!  My stomach was still in knots as I gathered with my bridesmaids and headed towards the ceremony.  My stomach was turning even worse as I prayed to god not to let this little piece of string break free and my dress fall down and show my breasts to my guests!  As I walked down the isle I almost forgot how sick I was.  It was so beautiful!  The red pedals were sprinkled everywhere and the white tent with the hanging chandeliers was so beautiful.  It is such a crazy feeling to be walking and have 125 eyes all on you.  I was so nervous as I walked down the isle towards Chris.  He looked so nervous and cute!  We made it through the entire thing without messing up once.  It was sooooo cold.  45 degrees in Orlando!  Evrything went perectly.  As we jammed out to boom boom pow coming into the reception I was feeling a little bit better as we sat down to eat.  There was my beautiful fillet mingon.  It was so tender I cut it with a fork.  I took a bit and bam! Straight to the bathroom I went.  Not Good!  No more food for me =(  I could not even try my cake.  The whole thing was beautiful and everything went flawlessly except for me being sick.  I bought a super sexy short white dress to go out in after the wedding and I was too sick to go out.  We stayed in the hotel all night while our wedding party partied thier butts off.  My husband was not leaving my side the entire time and that made me so .  happy.  He took care of me all night.  This makes me realize how much I love him.  I have been married now for a few months and things are great.  I love being married and it feels so good to have someone there everyday that loves you.  We are really a team!  We do everything together.  He is such a good man.  He even helps me clean and cook!  I guess this makes up for the whole cannoli thing lol  All in all, I am really happy and love being married to such a wonderful man.  Life is good.  I  have a bridal store where I specialize in favors, shoes, jewelry,  crystal cake ribbon and toppers, etc  If you are interested in any of these things, do not hesitate to contact me.