Apr 16, 2011

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Reception: Orchid Word

Reception Coordination: Sanojahs

Cake: Lindayles

Flowers: Simply Flowers

Photographer: Addison Cumberbatch

Wedding Planner: Aaron and Shleah J :)

Pianist: Viktoria Frei-Mehnesrt

Personal Trainer: Matthew Holmes

Dress: The Clothes Horse, Bath

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My review of our Wedding Reception Coordinators.

I have been reading Sanojah’s blog from the time I was given their business card and now it is my turn to leave my mark on this page. It took me sometime to figure out which highlights of my day I would share with my fellow readers. On reflection I realised that after working with Ralph and Lee-Anne there were two things that I would advise people to do. My first piece of advice is that you should choose vendors who allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank, especially considering the current economic climate. Thanks to the team at Sanojahs, my husband and I were truly able to do this and people are still talking about how nice our reception looked. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable in the months leading up to the wedding. They even came all the way to Bath (In the UK) to speak to us about our wedding while they were on holiday. My second piece of advice would be to come up with a reception concept and stick with it, no matter what external influences will have you do. My husband and I had originally fallen in love with the idea of a canapés and cocktail type reception with lounge seating to match. When we had talked this through with Ralph and Lee-Anne our crazy idea was molded into something which would one the one hand not cause our families to hate us for the rest of our lives, but on the other still respected our vision. We believe that if you keep to these principles your event is sure to be a success.

Oh right, one more thing, the dress. Believe me when I tell you this, there will be no other article of clothing that will consume every aspect of your life as much as your wedding dress. Start early by looking at different
styles you are interested in, there are lots of wedding websites that allow you to search style, colour, neckline, fabric etc. When you have a couple ideas in mind then try to source the ones you love, trying on a few might
also give you an idea because no one looks like the women in those photos. You WILL know when you find the one. It actually took me less than 24 hours to go from the decision to buy a dress and actually finding the one. When I walked into the store the first dress that caught my eye, was the one that I wore my wedding day. I cannot promise you that your dress shopping will be this easy, but if you persist you will be able to find THE PERFECT DRESS.

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Because I am tied to school holidays we had 3 honeymoons. They were all different but fun!

We had a driving holiday in Key West and South West Florida!

Honeymoons photo 1

We did a trip to Paris and Loire Valley (Wine Tasting!)

Honeymoons photo 2

We did a cruise to Amsterdam and Copehagen!

Honeymoons photo 3

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Just come of our details if you want some inspiration.

Love this picture of the cake

Details photo 1

We had won a prize for a free cariture and used that as our guest book!

Details photo 2

We had card box as we didn't have room to take gift's home.

Details photo 3

Love this shot of the candles.

Details photo 4

Aaron loves this one of the car. We spent a long time trying to settling on a car.

Details photo 5

We re did this when we got it home. It was really hard to read and pour!

Details photo 6

Aaron's mother did this arrangement for the recpetion.

Details photo 7

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Let me get this out front. We don't let DJ's so for 2 months selected and mixed our entire wedding sound track. He selected cocktail music, from our favourite classical, musical and neo soul music. He then mixed the music for our special dances (See post above). We followed this with a Soul session and Calypso music to end the night. He also left a reggae session at the end of the night. This was one of the best decisions we made as we did not have to get upset if the DJ played music that we didn't like especially since we are both picky music. This also was much cheaper :) savings!

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Because I was the dancer of the couple, I took charge of the dance. We decided we wanted to have a classic first dance with no chessey ends. We decided on Love me still by Chaka Khan.

First Dances photo 1


This was followed by our parents dance, which had lots of changes as we decided to do all of them in one go. Then we had a dance with our friends.

This ended with a good Caribbean Calypso song which was to get everyone dancing.

First Dances photo 2


The highlight was the even was the Soul Train. A month before the wedding Aaron set out an email hinting that there would be a Soul Train dance. People were confused to say the least. However, when the music started they were more than eager to get on the Soul Train. The only disappointment was that the song was too short and everyone did not get a chance but it was an awesome time.