May 18, 2010

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Where to start......

The Big Day will be May 18th, 2010 in Vegas. We are planning on staying out there until May 20th and then visiting Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater. Can't hardly wait! We will be having a reception in July here in Michigan. Since we are getting married in Vegas I thought a 'casino' theme would be fun. We are just looking to have good food, drinks and dancing with our friends and family. I want the reception to feel like a big party that we could have at home if we had the room. Nothing fussy, just fun.

A bit about me..... I will be 31 this year. I work as an RN at a long term acute care hospital in Detroit, MI. I do love what I do. Its always interesting in some way or another. Grew up in small town Michigan so Vegas should be intersting. I'm an only child. Three dogs and no kids.

My FI and love is 26. He was only 21 when we started dating ;) He drives a semitruck cross country. I love it when he sends me pictures of some of the thigs that he sees. He grew up not far from me but even smaller town as in 'the neighbor's have cows' small. He is the oldest of three boys. Same three dogs and no kids.

About us.... we met because my BFF worked with him and thought we would make a good match.Guess she was right! We have been together about 5 years. There has beena few ups and downs but that has only served to make us stronger. We have three fuzzy dogs. No kids yet but plan on having at least one soon.