Nov 17, 2007

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Would not recommend due to stolen gifts, locked out of room on wedding night, bar additions that we paid extra for were incorrect, cake top ruined, and many missing decorations. At 9pm the staff kicked us out of the reception room, locked the doors, and shut the blinds. They were not respectful towards any of our decorations that they cleared and put the cake top on the gift cart instead of in the refrigerator as they said they would. From the time we were kicked out of the reception room until the time they put the gifts in the hallway near our room, we had (9) gifts stolen. The only persons that could have taken anything were the staff. I actually put one of the cards on the gift table at 9 as we were getting pushed out, and that one card was missing. We had to call our entire guest list and find out if they put anything on the table that disappeared so we could file a police report. We could not get into our wedding suite because the door would not work and then when we did get in, we were stuck in the room. I was stuck in my wedding dress until almost 1am and my wedding party could not leave because their car keys were in the wedding suite. A total of $450 was lost in gifts and the hotel would not do anything, nothing at all in regards to the bar, the cake, our ruined wedding night or the stolen gifts. We requested a meeting with the manager to go over all the problems, but they would not meet with us. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful until 9pm and then it was a disaster. The place is inexpensive comparative to most beach hotels, due to the minimum being less, but the hotel management is very rude and inconsiderate. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR RECEPTION OR ANY OTHER EVENT!!
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner